More accidental fireworks go off in Sweden.

Wow those Europeans and their reckless storage of fireworks. Sweden for several days and nights in a row and a supermarket in Moscow had an accidental fireworks accident that killed nine people today. Despite the fact that Russian authorities stated it was as the topic suggests, they still evacuated the mall and searched for more ‘fireworks’ in case they might go off accidentally.

Some more footage from Malmo Sweden of various dates all pertaining to the overwhelming gratitude of Muslims for being taken in by the good people of Sweden. Or wait was it the Swedish who where taken in?

More Malmo connections to Islamic terrorism. (No its not quite redundant just yet but getting there)

From Islam in Europe
Malmö: al-Aqsa foundation charged with financing terrorism

Malmö: al-Aqsa foundation charged with financing terrorism

The chairman for the Malmö association al-Aqsa Spannmål (Al-Aqsa Grain Foundation) [Khaled al-Yousef] was charged Thursday at the Malmö court for having financed terrorism in Israel.

According to the prosecution, in five years the association sent millions to various committees in Gaza and the West Bank, writes Sydsvenskan. According to the association’s own data, this was humanitarian aid to Palestinians, but according to the deputy chief prosecutor Agneta Hilding Qvarnström, the money did not reach needy children but rather Hamas terrorists.

More than two years of investigative work are behind the prosecution. Among the 75 pieces of evidence are tapped conversations which the prosecutor thinks prove that the chairman knew that both martyrs and Hamas were supported by the association.

In a similar process in Denmark, the al-Aqsa movement was acquitted, but Agneta Hilding Qvarnström set up the process in a different way. Among other things, the Swedish prosecution is building on documentation from Israel to a lesser extent.

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