Is it Lars or Not Lars. The question that won’t be answered.

I saw a news feed on the excellent blog Gates of Vienna which read pretty much…

“A 17-year-old Swedish student was injured when a homemade bomb he was allegedly working on exploded in a hotel kitchen, authorities said.

Police said the student, who was attending school at the Aviation College of Sweden in Vasteras, was experimenting Tuesday when an explosion rocked the hotel, which houses students of the upper-level high school, the Swedish news agency TT reported.

TT said the student was hospitalized with serious burns to his arms and that his hearing appeared to be affected by the explosion.”

I checked over a dozen news sources and they all pretty much repeated that press release. Not one of them had the persons name. The thing with political correctness is, it’s not just about trying to make a ‘better’ world, its about forcing the impression on us that we already have one by withholding, distorting and manufacturing information.

One thing we can feel certain of. Had the flight student amateur bomb maker’s name been lars, it would have been included in the article. As no name was given we can guess with good odds the name Mohamed was at least one of the names of the ‘student’ first last or middle.

This common tendency in the west now to protect certain ‘minorities’ by not publishing the names of perpetrators does more harm than good to all however. It allows the rest of us to assign the group membership of the person which only adds fuel to the fire as well as prevents us from knowing the facts for certain, and therefore unable to act or support policies that might actually mitigate the problems.

Once again we see that leftism and political correctness is the greater evil. Islam is a problem that could b fixed in a year in the west if the irrational left wasnt so determined to destroy our ability to act in our own interests.

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