Child Brides, Afghanistan, the CIC and Mohamed El Masry

In this heartbreaking slide show from World Vision, you get a clear idea about how bad conditions are for women in Afghanistan and thats today under the new ‘liberal’ non Taliban government. I feel even the intensely felt comments of the women who put these slides together show that the commentator still doesn’t get it. She makes the usual claim of ‘root causes’ of poverty and so on that causes women or more accurately, little girls even Maurice Chevalier would be ashamed to look at, to be sold into marriage.

I suppose thats understandable in that World Vision is seeking money to spread to solve these problems as they understand them. But the problem is Islam. If these girls where sent to a decent agriculture school and taught how to use genetically modified strains of food suited for these conditions poverty would be greatly reduced as they have everywhere these products are used. Islam holds no value for women as persons but great value as chattel. So no amount of money will improve the rights of women in Afghanistan or else we would see Saudi Women as having the best rights on Earth. Or at least having the right to drive a car. Or not be killed for being raped which is clearly a result of a property crime as opposed to a human one.

Here is a link to an interview with

with a woman who is speaking on the condition of women’s rights in Afghanistan today. This woman makes the case for Petreaus. Send more troops. However you cant change the entire culture of a people and a nation no matter how much force you use unless at the very least, you actually try to. There is no way to improve the conditions for women and people in general in Afghanistan if you leave people thinking the way they always have and the way that caused these issues in the first place.

Then we have Mohamed El Masry, spokesmouth for the Canadian Islamic Confrence. It should come as no surprise that the CIC’s position is women have the same or better rights in Islamic nations than they do in the western world.

Here are a few choice moments from the above linked article:

“You’d think that the media in our so-called “liberal” society would pay more attention to concrete issues that genuinely compromise and demean the quality of life of Western women, who are statistically at greatest risk from the effects of poverty, pornography, domestic abuse, marginalization, or lack of educational opportunities in career-building fields (like maths and sciences).”

Of course it doesn’t take a minute to discover that in Islamic nations schools that teach women more than Koran are often burned to the ground. Should those women inside not be wearing a Hijab at the time, they may not be allowed to leave.

Not to mention that the whole paragraph is utter nonsense. Women in he western world have over fifty percent of the total wealth and much or most of that is from wealth ‘redistribution’ from divorces. While this itself is not a good thing and needs careful scrutiny as a process, it certainly makes minced pork out of ElMasri.

I am tempted to refute the CIC post point for point but playing ‘whack a mole’ is exhausting. Anyone who may feel tempted to believe any of the patent nonsense and abuse of logic in it may wish to investigate his claims and attempts to make the liberal democracies appear to be the problem. If they where, why are all the Muslims coming to western nations with a conspicuous absence of women from the west applying for Visa’s to live (certainly not work, thats not allowed in many Muslim nations) in Kandahar; Tehran; Islamabad or Riyadh.

Lastly i invite you to read a particularly excellent essay by Phyllis Chesler who did in fact move to Afghanistan. Well she thought she was visiting but it turned out she was moving as once she got there the first thing the Afghans did was take away her passport.

I think we would do well to ask ourselves exactly what is it we are doing in Afghanistan. Are we so so committed to our path of cultural egalitarianism we are willing to lose this war? Because thats the choice. Either be prepared to fight Islam the way we fought Nazism and Communism and other repugnant inhuman ideologies or be prepared to lose.

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