5 suspects arrested for terrorism in the UK and British TV.

I post a story here I found on gates of Vienna, a must read blog for anyone not familiar with it. I would like to add a few thoughts of my own on a seemingly unrelated topic.

In the 70s the BBC had a series called ‘The Sandbaggers’ which many call ‘The best TV no one ever heard of’. It is a spectacularly good series which lasted only 3 seasons until the creator, a former British navy captain mysteriously disappeared in a plane off the coast of Newfoundland scouting locations for season 4.

A spy series so close to reality that their scripts had to be submitted to MI5 for clearance and one was actually rejected for violating the official secrets act of the UK. Close examination of this series shows people in the background writing things on chalk boards or filing documents of things which didn’t become known as issues till decades later.

Flash forward to today and we see the Brits have created a new series loosely based on it called Spooks MI5 where they attempt to capture the genius of The Sandbaggers but while the former accurately showed the nature of Soviet tactics and thinking and exposed the enemy of the day for exactly what it was, Spooks laughably makes the current threat facing the UK, groups like ‘American religious anti abortionists’ and rarely if ever points a finger at Islam.

This illustrates well I think why and how the UK has slipped so far in defending its own interests, people culture and even history. They who refuse to see the enemy cannot possibly defend against it.

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Birmingham, 21 Oct. (AKI) – Five terror suspects were arrested by British police in the central city of Birmingham on Tuesday. The five men, aged between 29 and 26, were arrested under anti-terrorism laws on suspicion of being involved “in the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism,” police said in a brief statement.

Police raided five homes and two businesses early on Tuesday but stressed that the raids were not in response to an immediate threat to the public. Police released no information about the nationality or identity of the arrested men.

Britain’s domestic intelligence service MI5 says on its website that the current terror threat level is ‘severe’. It said there is a strong likelihood of future terrorist attacks and a continuing high threat level to the United Kingdom.

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