CFRA interview with Chris Wattie and General Lewis McKenzie on Afghanistan

Steve Madely of CFRA interviews Chris Wattie author of Contact Charlie on the Canadian involvement in Afghanistan. Many feel this is simply the best book written on the allied war there.

“Canadians are good fighters but their politicians are weak” From intel officer within Afghanistan. Very accurate observation.

Chris speaks eloquently about Taliban mentality and tactics. This is revealing of the mind set of terrorists. Putting women children and the odd man in sea shipping containers who wouldn’t obey draconian Islamic rule for a few days and anyone left alive after that would feel a grenade going off within the container.

The most dangerous occupation in Afghanistan then and now is … Teacher.

chris_wattie_oct21 Click here to listen to interview - Interview with Chris Wattie on the war in Afghanistan     

Pay special attention to what comes after Steve’s question ‘I want to talk to you a bit about the Taliban’ for a great description of how Taliban and indeed Islamics operate.

On a related matter, Journalism student sentenced to twenty years in jail in Afghanistan for questioning the lack of women’s rights under Islam.

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2 Replies to “CFRA interview with Chris Wattie and General Lewis McKenzie on Afghanistan”

  1. I have just read General McKenzie’s last book. I heard him on the Christy Clark program . My point is that in Rwanda; Genera Dailler (in know spelling is wrong); screwed up big time when he had the Belgian Paratroopers give their weapons and as a result they died. Maybe and perhaps they would have died in a fight anyway; but a least they would have had a chance of doing a”Custer last Stand” and would have taken some them down. They were in fact executed l like dogs tied to a tree. I am a retired ex member of the PPCI. And after many discussions with my associates; we all agree that Dallaire had the mentally of a Peace Keeper anf forgot he was a soldier and this a shame and an embarrassment to all of us in the Canadian Army. He is not a hero; he is a loser!

  2. Actually I think General Romeo Dallaire (C’mpon now how hard is it to use google) lost it altogether. When I saw his documentary on Rwanda he gave a lecture at a university there where he blamed everyone on earth for the Genocide except the actual tribe who did the killing. He blamed white people in Europe and North America etc. etc. in a foaming politically correct tirade that blamed racism by people who had never heard of Hutu’s or Watusi but failed to blame either of them. It was pathetic. I think the man is a politically correct moron and in the wrong field.

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