Pat Condell on Sharia in the UK

Initially I had used an embed code from but they saw fit to remove it. Interesting editorial call I think given the number of Islamist snuff films available on that site. There are however videos far far more critical of Islam on youtube some of which are embedded here on the movie page. I tend to think therefore, that this was because Pat singled out the Saudis somewhat and they have a rather well fatted bureaucracy more aggressively pursuing any defamation of Saudi Arabia itself and its denizens than Disney has in case someone abuses a picture of Minnie Mouse.

In any case I went to Pat’s own blog and fetched it back for all of you


More. Oct. 3 2008 TROP managed to post this gem:

‘YouTube’ must erase anti-Islam material: KHRS

KUWAIT CITY : Kuwait Human Rights Society (KHRS) Chairman Dr Adel Al-Damkhi has asked the government to put pressure on the officials of ‘YouTube’ — a video sharing website — to delete all derogatory statements about Islam and Muslims from the site, reports Al-Seyassah.
Urging the authorities to take the necessary legal action in case the website fails to erase the statements, Al-Damkhi stressed “uttering profanities against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the worst form of human rights violation in the world. Attacks on the values and tenets of Islam are extremely dangerous and unacceptable.”
Al-Damkhi pointed out the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) strongly condemns attacks on the holy prophets and religions. He confirmed KHRS recognizes the importance of freedom of conducting scientific research, exchange of information, and significance of the latest technologies and media on human lives, but it is against how ‘YouTube’ depicts Islam. He said this is an outright violation of the human rights of millions of Muslims all over the world.

Once again we see Muslims using the machinery of political correctness in its most irrational form. Moral equivalence between a group who’s sole binding tie is ideological, and attempting to make that ideology above reproach in the way a democratic nation may make irrational condemnation of a group who’s defining attributes are racial or otherwise non behavioral.

In essence the Kuwaiti logic could be equally applied to communists Nazis or any other political group and in the case of Pat Condell made to silence dissent and more importantly perhaps although perhaps not, silence defense of ones own values against the current assault by Islam on western culture, history values and law.

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