London publisher’s home firebombed while Iranians read up on Jew hating

London police have seized three men in connection with a fire bomb attack on publishing company Gibson Square Book’s boss Martin Rynja’s home. The men all cloaked in black aged 40, 33 and 20 are being held in custody under Britain’s Terrorism Act. Mr. Rynja was not injured in the blast.

Gibson Square Books is set to release a novel which describes the private life of the prophet Muhammed and his relationship with his nine year old bride Aisha.

Critics have described the novel, The Jewel of Medina, as pornographic. The fictional book written by U.S. author and journalist Sherry Jones was initially intended to be published by Random House but they cancelled the consideration after an Islamic scholar attacked it’s contents. Random House pulled out after Texas professor Denise Spellberg thought it necessary to ‘warn’ Muslims of the book’s ‘nature’. She states, ” You can’t play with a sacred history and turn it into soft core pornography”.

Although the incident draws a comparison with the threats issued against Salman Rushdie’s life for The Satanic Verses, Mr. Rynja appears relatively unconcerned about the reaction leveled against him believing that the publishing of the Jewel of Medina is a necessary and important step to preserve freedom of expression. The book is set to be released in October.

Meanwhile in Iran………

Iran’s education minister Alireza Ali-Ahmadi looked on while a group of militant students from the Basij militia group unveiled a book ridiculing Holocaust victims during an anti-Israeli rally in central Tehran. The book comes two years after an Iranian newspaper commissioned a competition of Holocaust-themed cartoons. The book’s cover depicts a traditionally dressed Jew with a hooked nose ( a favorite visual theme of anti-Semites) drawing chalk outlines of dead bodies on the pavement.

Other entries in the book include images of Jews shown leaving and re-entering gas chambers and another of a hospital patient draped in the flag of Israel breathing in Zyklon-B, the poisonous gas used at death camps.

The official rally for Qods Day is an annual event described as a show of solidarity with Palestinians. In reality, it is yet another opportunity for tens of thousands of angry, illiterate placard waving Iranians  to further increase their incessant hatred for Israel and the West. Ever since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran has refused to recognize Israel’s sovereignty, referring to the state as a Zionist regime. In typical Islamist fashion, the book titled “Holocaust” seeks to cast doubt over the massacre of over 6 million Jews during Hilter’s dictatorship.

The “Holocaust International Cartoon Contest” was announced by the Iranian government newspaper Hamshahri in 2006. It is the largest newspaper in Iran and is owned by the city of Tehran. The competition received over 1,000 submissions from 62 countries. In the fall of 2006, a selection of 200 of these cartoons were culled and exhibited in the Palestine Museum in Tehran. It was the first internationally publicized exhibition and the largest to date, of anti-Semitic art since 1945. The ambassador of Lebanon and the representatives of the Palestinian territories were among foreign dignitaries who attended.

Meanwhile, back in London………

Publisher Martin Rynja’s home is firebombed by Muslim extremists who will no doubt claim “offense and blasphemy” of the prophet Muhammed. Sensitive politicians, cultural relativist groups and multicultural activists will step over themselves to condemn Gibson Square Books as a radical, antagonistic publishing house. Firebrand Imams will screech The Jewel of Medina as Islamophobic, the work of an American infidel intent on smearing religion and bashing Muslims and England will once again be pressured to appease these hypocrites within Islam.

Chances are also very likely that these same Muslims condone and celebrate the fierce and rabid anti-Semitic hatred so dominant in Iran. In fact some may, just may, have a copy or two of this latest Islamist coffee table book Holocaust handy for an engaging and enlightening read.

Chances are even better that not a word of condemnation will be uttered in England regarding Iran’s……art. 


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