Melanie Phillips on the rise of the far right in Europe

We at Vladtepesblog have stated since the beginning that the failure to entrench liberal democracy by western nations will inevitably give rise to real xenophobia hate and extremism as these labels are so generously stuck to anyone who objects to the loss of national identiy and the minimilisation of cultures where Muslims immigrate to in large numbers.

In this article Ms. Phillips explains it beautifully and gives facts and figures to show how its already taking place. As our blog agenda states…

The cure can be worse than the disease. Certainly near or on par. Moderates on all sides need to make themselves available now if we want to see a future in the west not dominated by Islam and its barbarism and arbitrary irrational rule, or fascists who would burn everyone that doesn’t meet tight criteria.

On to the article…

We should all be shuddering at the news from Austria where neo-Nazi parties, including the Freedom Party led by Hans-Christian Strache (pictured) have emerged as the biggest parliamentary block. It’s awful not just because it’s Austria, that cradle of Nazism which shows yet again that its terrible past remains its present. It’s because the implications are much wider for the whole of Europe – and are unlikely to be recognised before the danger spirals into the unspeakable.

These parties campaigned on an anti EU integration and anti-Muslim platform. Their success is due to the enormous feeling among the people of Europe against, on the one hand, the destruction of their powers of self-government and their assimilation into the undemocratic Euro superstate, and on the other the threat to western culture from Islamist conquest. On both of these seismic issues, the leaders of the democracies are either burying their heads in the sand or are actively bringing them into being. With no democratic party addressing these concerns and instead demonising legitimate nationalist feeling as ‘racist’, xenophobic’ or ‘Islamophobic’, people are turning to parties which truly are racist, anti-foreigner, anti-Muslim, anti-Jew and sometimes, indeed, neo-Nazi, but which are exploiting this political vacuum just as all such parties have always exploited other vacuums in leadership.

This presents a nightmarish prospect in which, if the democratic parties of Europe continue to demonise legitimate aspirations to maintain national cultures against undemocratic and anti-democratic forces, more and more people will be drawn to these parties – see the sophisticated pitch by and increasing support for the BNP in Britain, and social disorder will rise. The rise of these noxious groups is entirely due to the abandonment by social democratic parties of the defence of the nation and the right of individual peoples to their own cultures and self-government. The continuing rise of the BNP in Britain is overwhelmingly the outcome both of the fanatical Europhilia which masquerades as the centre ground while engaged on its project to destroy Britain as an independent nation, and the systematic destruction of British national identity and the demonisation of those Britons who object by the dominant left-wing elites.

The awful thing is that, as the far-right advances and social disorder increases – as it will — muddled liberals and malign leftists will blame these political and social calamities on ‘the far right’. As a result, the steady encroachment of Islamism will proceed apace — and anyone who objects will also be demonised as ‘the far right’. The rise of the neo-Nazis will thus turn the defence of democracy toxic. There is therefore a danger that the only people who will be fighting the Islamic fascists and in defence of the nation against the supranational supremacists will be the fascists.

If this truly frightful outcome is to be avoided, it is imperative that social democratic politicians in Britain and Europe wake up from their trance and realise just what it is they have to defend, and against whom.

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  1. It is frightening. It is frightening how complacent most Europeans seem to be about it all too. So cowed into behaving and scared to try and have an honest discussion. Often it is like they put their hands up in surrender as they see nothing that they can do about it. Those that stand in support of other fascist groups, I can’t help but wonder if they just find it picking the ‘lesser evil’. No matter how misguided that may be.

    What bothers me is the whole thing is really really simple, yet it is blown out of proportion. Immigrants must integrate into the host country. Must speak the language, learn the culture and live like locals. Immigrants should not be allowed to make impositions or receive any kind of special treatment. If nothing else THEY should be the ones going the extra mile for the privilege of joining the new country.
    Religion should not interfere with others nor should any foreign ideology allowed a say in any dealings.

    Immigrants who refuse to do these things should be considered hostile and removed. Why would they want to move to a place where the culture offends their own sensibilities in the first, right? Shouldn’t they be looking for a place to go to that would embody how they would like to get to live? Seems so simple. (Obviously immigrants that choose to avoid integrating cause so many social issues. Hasn’t this been proven time and time again?)

    What is so hard to understand about that? It blows my mind! It is made into a big deal and thought of as a rude, crass, or a bigoted idea. It doesn’t make any sense why it is seen in a negative light. It is common sense. Cultural sensitivity should be used only to forbid barring people from joining into a society due to their race, skin colour, gender, disabilities or (actual) religion. (Foreign ideologies excluded.) It has been extended way too far beyond what is reasonable.

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