The European left and the new anti semitism. A video.

A few years ago I was a strident opponent of the idea that antisemitism and dislike of Israel where related. I felt that it was a cheap shot to try and tar any opponent of Israeli policy as anti semitic and therefore not allowed for debate. I still think at that time in the 1970s and 1980s this was often the case.

Not anymore. Opponents of Israel because it is a Jewish state in the region of the world conquered by Islam have deliberately made the two things the same issue. Its no longer about human rights within Israel except where they can be used to smear the state as illegitimate. It’s no longer about this policy or that but whether or not Israel itself is an evil entity and guilty of anything that can be pinned to it because it is a Jewish state. In other words, Israel has become synonymous with Judaism by its opponents and no other attributes, such as its rights for all, democracy or freedom for all who live within it far surpassing most nations freedoms and certainly all Islamic states even for Arab Muslims, are ignored.

The UN in 2007 condemned Israel as being the #1 worst state on earth for women’s rights. Play a game with your friends. Ask them to name the 10 worst states for rights of women on earth and see how many pick Israel. Then have a look at he UN double standards on all issues of rights and Israel. This from 1982 and its become infinitely worse since then. This video shows some contemporary aspects of this use of Israel as a tool to promote Jew hatred plain and simple.

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