Islam, Lowell, barbarism & idiocy

I listened to Lowell Green’s show this past Tuesday and found the response quite encouraging. Encouraging, insofar as more of the Islamist bugs scurried out of their dark religious cracks in the floor boards to defend the “religion of peace,” the ever misunderstood, Islam. It’s good to hear from these jihadis.

Nancy the first caller, a six year newcomer to Allah’s book of tolerance and grace, bent beneath the moral pole in her attempt to persuade the host and his listeners to understand that somehow Ayyan Hirsi Ali must have things wrong. Her interpretations must be askew. Wife beating doesn’t exist in Islam, Nancy claims. “Hitting gently” and only on parts of the body that are deemed acceptable does not qualify as beating to Allah. To scourge a woman is non-existent in Islam.  Forced marriages are “arranged, not forced” with the bride in full agreement of her future husband. Really. Nevermind the full excerpt from Infidel that states otherwise. Lies. Polygamy is deemed a better solution to the “infidelity” problem in comparison to that of non-Muslims (Christians and Jews) having affairs. Of course, multiple wifery is a superior anecdote to male sexual impropriety. The commitment that the swine and bearers of the crusader cross attempt is foolhardy and satanic in comparison.  

Farouk and the many Muhammed’s that follow, spout more of the typical Islamist, apologist shite. Female circumcision ( genital mutilation) is not a practice Islam condones. Of course not. It is a “cultural” ritual, attributed to the tribal world, something that Allah would surely turn his face from (if we knew what his face looked like).  And so the show spirals into a two hour kaleidoscope of Muslim apologist crap, barbs and defences up, a “fait de complit avec le sentiment anti-West”. We can’t forget Palestine.

Blah, blah, blah. Of course the prophet wasn’t a pedophile. Of course the testimony of a Muslim woman is equal to that of a Muslim man’s. Certainly the Qur’an is a holy book of tolerance and peace and the Ayyan Hirsi Ali’s, the Dr. Sultan’s, the Lowell Green’s, the Daniel Pipes, the Christopher Hitchens, the Mark Steyn’s and the Noni’s are misinformed, islamophobic fools.

Aisha was nine when her fifty year old husband Muhammed consummated their marriage, but hey so what? Pedophilia? Rape? no problem. Affairs? Muslim men have the answer: marry four women; no need for affairs. Fuck and house them all, collect welfare from multi-culti friendly nations and evade the law under religious/cultural relativism. Your good to go. Immodesty in your teenage daughter? If the rejection of the burqua and the adoption of western influence is too much to bear for your family’s honor, strangle her. Education? Send your sons to a madrass and have them weave n’ bob to the jihadi jingle and bomb any school where girls attend. Western media who insist upon criticising Islam? File a complaint with the nearest human rights commission. Want to ensure that your future wife is a virgin? Have her parents mutilate her genitals so you can feel like an Islamic warrior when you bed her. Don’t like your host country’s politics or accommodations? Torch some cars, rape some infidels, and castrate the press. And so on…….. and so on.

If this talk radio show indicates one thing, it reinforces the undeniable fact that apologists for Islam’s brutality are alive and well in western nations. We are told time and again that somehow we have Islam wrong, we have misinterpreted the teachings of Muhammed, that women in Islam are equal to men and we are an ignorant and intolerant western ilk, insistent upon marking racism and disharmony our top priority.

It also indicates something additional. It clearly points to Mr. Green’s courageous criticism of Islam’s brutality and his willingness to encourage his listeners in an honest, open debate of the Quar’an’s immoral and sexist text. It also inspires thoughtful and concerned people to take a concerted second glance at those who would insist upon keeping abuse alive and well.






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