Germany: Top Islamic Lobbyist Makes Revealing Tweet

A top Islamic lobbyist in Germany is boasting about his excellent connections to the German establishment in a series of tweets.
He isn’t just an ordinary guest on the party convention of Merkel’s CDU that is taking place today:

“We are guests of honor on all conventions of our democratic parties in Germany, and on the #cdupt18 [CDU party convention 2018]”

(source: Aiman Mazyek on Twitter, Feb. 26, 10:09 AM CET)

The clause “all conventions of democratic parties” appears to be a dig at the Islam-critical party AfD (Alternative für Deutschland), who do not invite Islamic lobbyists to their conventions. Mr. Mazyek seems to imply here that only a non-democratic party would not have him as a guest of honor.

The AfD now come second strongest in opinion polls in Germany, while the two established, and traditionally largest parties, Merkel’s CDU and the SPD, have seen their historic lows in the recent elections.
Nevertheless, they have been in negotations for weeks now to form another ‘Grand Coalition’ government for the next 4 years, while the AfD is the strongest oppositional party in the Bundestag.

SPD and CDU’s mutual government declaration of last week included the statement of intent to fight “anti-Islamic sentiments”, a first-time in a German government declaration.

Aiman Mazyek is chair of the ZMD, Council of Muslims in Germany, a frequent talk show guest, and not just the German mainstream media’s darling:

Aiman Mazyek, Angela Merkel and Social Democrat chief Sigmar Gabriel at a 2015 “vigil” in Berlin in response another Islamic terror attack.

His organization ZMD was founded as recent as 1994, their name mimicking the long-established ZJD, Council of Jews in Germany.

Organizationally, Mr. Mazyek’s ZMD is an umbrella organization for Islamic groups in Germany, including a thinly veiled German branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Some researchers deem the ZMD as a whole a covert Muslim Brotherhood organization. The Muslim Brotherhood is banned as a terrorist organization in Germany.

Another tweet by Mr. Mazyek earlier indicates what to expect from the new German government:

“Guest at the #cdupt18 [CDU party convention 2018] … met the designated integration minister Anette Widman-Mauz – looking forward to the cooperation.”
(Aiman Mazyek on Twitter, Feb. 26, 9:21 AM CET)