An example of what is likely genuinely anti black racism in America

This is a video sent from Twitter last night:

The tweet was removed as I watched. But it was saved before it went down.

It is a significant example of genuine anti-black racism most likely however.

This women will almost certainly never be arrested, chargedĀ or convicted of any sort of hate crime for this public display of genocidal hatred of White people.

And the reason would be the racism of lowered expectations of black people. That and of course, the selective enforcement we see used against classical liberals and to the advantage of the far left and Muslims.

But still, one can’t help but feel that the fuel for this selective enforcement is the racism of lowered expectations. You cannot have equality before the law if you do not feel another group is capable of agency to the same degree.

One doesn’t charge a beagle for peeing on the lawn as one might any non-Clinton.

So for the sake of peaceful coexistence of black and white people, this woman should be charged and tried for a hate speech crime, if indeed those kinds of charges exist in that jurisdiction for anyone at all.

H/T Oz-Rita

(Best comment at LiveLeak: “Is that Loretta Lynch?”)