An example of what is likely genuinely anti black racism in America

This is a video sent from Twitter last night:

The tweet was removed as I watched. But it was saved before it went down.

It is a significant example of genuine anti-black racism most likely however.

This women will almost certainly never be arrested, charged or convicted of any sort of hate crime for this public display of genocidal hatred of White people.

And the reason would be the racism of lowered expectations of black people. That and of course, the selective enforcement we see used against classical liberals and to the advantage of the far left and Muslims.

But still, one can’t help but feel that the fuel for this selective enforcement is the racism of lowered expectations. You cannot have equality before the law if you do not feel another group is capable of agency to the same degree.

One doesn’t charge a beagle for peeing on the lawn as one might any non-Clinton.

So for the sake of peaceful coexistence of black and white people, this woman should be charged and tried for a hate speech crime, if indeed those kinds of charges exist in that jurisdiction for anyone at all.

H/T Oz-Rita

(Best comment at LiveLeak: “Is that Loretta Lynch?”)

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20 Replies to “An example of what is likely genuinely anti black racism in America”

  1. Did you see the rack on that woman? I’d tip over if I had to carry that around. Also, the cross necklace was a nice touch.

    BLM = GOTV for Dems

    Let it roll!

  2. Sad to say but in the inner city Black Community she would be regarded as one of the more educated females. The smart ones don’t want any part of these idiots either.

  3. BTW this is all media driven. Things aren’t this bad here in America. Blacks and Whites go about their business and have no problems with each other. This is all happening in Liberal run cities. I am not saying the media isn’t trying to start a full fledged race war here but most black people won’t go along with this nonsense.

    • This all started with Obama. I’m so fed up of listening to media, of which CNN, repeat ‘What can White people do to help, it’s the White people’s fault’…
      The Black people must take responsibility for their problems. Broken up families that don’t care nor supervise their kids, ghetto-living, crime +, sketchy school attendance, the list is long.
      And YES, CNN is trying to start a race war. Good for its ratings.

  4. Forget about killing whites. I’m surprised she didn’t kill herself jumping up and down with all those lethal floppy bits flyin’.

  5. The media, possibly to get away from the Clinton server-scandal, have milked this White-on-Black Narrative to the full.

    Speaking of which… I recognize this a video from last year when Beckey refused dinner from her wet nurse, and having her toy gun taken off her, had crawled up into the Tree House.

    Local Pastor was trying calm her down.

    • They were push9ing the white on black meme before the Clinton scandals broke, that is a central part of their divide and conquer strategy. The educated blacks that didn’t buy into the Marxist bull always saw that the left was deliberately destroying the blacks to keep them as a voting block that would vote Dem. Now things have gotten bad enough for this tactic to start and turn on the left.

  6. There are a lot like her enough to make a lot of trouble for everyone, remember it only takes about 5% of the population supporting a terrorist group/program for the program to last for a long time. A successful revolution on the other hand requires between 25 and 33% of the population supporting it for the revolution to be successful.

    • Yes but you are talking about genuine US laws, which are now selectively enforced by the administration for political purposes.

      It seems that “hate speech laws” actually make a mockery of the 1st amendment. That they apply under certain circumstances, namely when a White person says something not perfectly PC, but sudenly its about traditional law when a black person screams kill all the white babies.

      Selective enforcement is the tool of deconstructionism.

      • For the low IQ person, this structured world is bewildering. It would be the same for an average White living in Japan and always upsetting the fine nuances of their Culture and forever stopped by the police. It is unfair to the human animal to have such a divide.
        The Socialists in order to break down the natural order of nations have had to dumbed everything down, but there is a limit even they struggle with to create a productive plantation of Democratic Workers.

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