Germany: Police Officer bitten into hospital

An original translation of a police press release.

BPOL NRW: Federal Police officer bitten into hospital – Tooth fragment removed from wound
01.11.2017 – 16:42

The bite wound. Photo: Bundespolizei

Essen – Bochum (ots) – This morning (01. November), an officer of the Federal Police was bitten so severely in the hand by a 43-year-old man that he had to discontinue duty and undergo hospital treatment.

Around 00:30 CET, forces of the Federal Police were called to the RE 1 train (Düsseldorf-Essen) in the main train station Essen. There was a fight in the train. A 43-year-old man from Bochum allegedly attacked several passengers.

The officers recorded the issue and took the Bochumer to the police station for a breath test. There it turned out later that the Ghanaian citizen was inebriated with 1.4 per mille. Later, when he was allowed to leave the police station, he refused, and demanded that the Federal Police officers drive him home.

Thereupon, he was assisted in leaving the police office. It appears that the man used this as an opportunity to attack a 49-year old Federal Police officer with his fists. As he was overpowered, the man bit a Federal Police officer in the hand so severely that he suffered a bleeding wound.

At the subsequent treatment in hospital, during the cleaning of the wound, a piece of tooth was removed from it. The officer will presumably be off duty for a few days.

An investigation for dangerous battery, insult, and resisting is filed against the 49-year-old, who is already notorious with the police for grievous battery.