Burkini wars in France, and elsewhere, are heating up

This is one of those increments to sharia most certainly. Soon, it will be special hours for muslims only and so on and so on till its just too inconvenient for non muslims to swim in a public pool at all.

Sports illustrated had a BURKINI cover girl.

Also: Women Defying Burkini Ban Prompt Shutdown of Public Pools in French City

French secularists fight back:

French Locals to Counter Burkini Protest with Nude Swimming

Following an announcement by a group to hold a second “burkini” protest at a pool in the French city of Grenoble, counter-protesters have called on locals to swim in the pool wearing nothing at all.

Last Sunday, a group of around a dozen women belonging to the Alliance Citoyenne (Citizens’ Alliance) protested at a pool that had banned the wearing of the Islamic sharia-compliant swimwear, with police being called soon after the group were told the burkini was against the rules of the pool.

In 2016, Justin Trudeau defends the Burkini

There was a story about public pools and Ottawa and Burins recently as well. Still looking through my emails for it.

meanwhile, here is a fantastic rant about this from an ex-muslim who gets it and has seen this work first hand. (Published here yesterday as well)

Direct Link: https://d.tube/v/vladtepesblog/QmPp7yFGVsoYaHMG4bTpUBKhTsfQMiNTAfc4McKKHfw8wV