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3 Replies to “Ontario city councillor apologizes for harm done by vaxx mandates”

  1. Commie scum bag smells the burning rectum hair and grovels hoping to save its hide.
    Apology Rejected.
    I have been segregated, discriminated against, been subjected to mobb violence, police violence, media violence.
    You have destroyed life-long friendships, demolished my profession, threatened my children and grand children, and have turned a piss-poor country into an intolerable fascist hellscape of terrified, vicious informers and cannibalistic swivel eyed loons.
    And you’re sorry?
    You are damned lucky, lady, that ottawa will be blown off the map in a 6 warhead, eight megaton nuclear strike, ‘coz that will be a fast and clean end in compare to my preferred cauterization methods.
    Stay right where you are at. Your WEF natsoc frens are coming for you next.
    No forgiveness. No reconciliation. No quarter.
    And keep an eye on the sky.

  2. In the comment section just now someone pointed out that she was just elected, she was not someone who implemented the Draconian mandates, but at least she as an elected official is doing her part to try to reestablish legitimacy amongst corrupt government

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