Leftism and Islam attacks against the West items: Links 1, March 3rd, 2023 (A victory at the bottom)

1. Italian video (English titles) on Japanese discovery of relationship between Pfizer vaxx and death

2. Girl (9) Stabbed by ‘Allahu Akbar’ Screaming Iranian Who Committed 51 Previous Crimes 

3. Douglas Murray on the Convoy in Ottawa

@thenewguardsmedia Douglas Murray on the Canadian Trucker Convoy and the State funded media CBC #douglasmurray #matttaibbi #twitterfiles ? original sound – TheNewGuards

4. Neil Oliver gets close to the facts when he asks a few of the main questions that go unasked

5. BC Company Says It Was Granted Permission by Health Canada to Produce and Sell Cocaine

A British Columbia cannabis company says it has received approval from Health Canada to produce, sell, and distribute cocaine.

In a news release on Feb. 22, Adastra Holdings Ltd., which produces marijuana for adult use and medical sales out of headquarters in Langley, B.C., announced that it was granted a Health Canada amendment to its Controlled Drug and Substances Dealer’s License on Feb. 17.

The company can now “legally possess, produce, sell and distribute” cocaine, in addition to previously being allowed to deal up to 1,000 grams of psilocybin and psilocin, otherwise known as magic mushrooms.

The news release indicates Adastra can “interact with up to 250 grams” of cocaine, and can import coca leaves to manufacture and synthesize the hard drug in Canada.

Adastra’s Health Canada approval follows a federal government approval for B.C. that, as of Jan. 31, granted the province a temporary three-year exemption to allow adults to legally possess up to 2.5 grams of any combination of opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA, heroin, fentanyl, and/or morphine for personal use, at no risk of being arrested, charged, or having their drugs seized.

(Seems like a good way to drum up clients for MAiD)

Here are a couple of examples of extrapolated dialectical attacks on reality and Western Civ

New York Times Discovers a New Source of Racism, and This One Could Be the Most Ridiculous Yet

(Don’t take the easy way out of this one. It is tempting to just say that no one has a right to change everything about an institution because they don’t want to get a certain haircut. Instead look at the target and what the real intent is, and likely what they will achieve. Don’t believe me? Look at women’s sports.)

The New York Times, that intrepid warrior for anything and everything that the Left is hysterical about, on Friday published a lengthy piece about a source of systemic racism that no one has ever noticed before: It seems that equestrian helmets are racist because they don’t accommodate the dreadlocks that some black horse riders wear. One black rider’s mother lamented: “Mostly everything in this sport isn’t designed for us.” Well, that’s got to change, and these Jackie Robinsons of the Coiffure, with the Times’ generous help, are leading the way to the Equestrian Helmet Justice that our society so desperately needs.

and B: Talking about your own diet near a a dialectical fat person is, what now? oh yeah. Racism.

The good news: A victory


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  1. merchant o’death Shareholders

    Robert G Foster 5,819,463 10.4%
    Michael Forbes 1,256,860 2.25%
    Priyanka P Nalawade 207,274 0.37%
    Donald R Dinsmore 88,347 0.16%
    J. Smoke Wallin
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    Paul Morgan

  2. ‘soulless goblins” perfect description of not only the child butchers but the vax pushers, the lockdown fans, the appalling yes-man media, the anti freedom movement which is now in control of much of the world.

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