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4 Replies to “How the Marxist Dialectic is Attacking You: An Introduction to the Dialectic with Stephen Coughlin”

  1. Thank you again for posting a Coughlin lecture/discussion. This is my second hearing/viewing of this particular video.

    With each hearing my understanding grows. Maybe someday I’ll have absorbed enough that it becomes inherent, as familiar to me as my very own memories are. That’s my goal.


      • Oh me oh me!

        I was well on my way to an exhaustive reply to your generous comment when I hit some unknown key and deleted everything I was working on.

        Woe is me. And it is so late.

        So I’ll make it short: Yes —- I’m familiar with UConstrained Analytics.
        Yes — I even have “Catastrophic Failure” from which I derived much pleasure in reading how Muslims seek Christian “dialogue” in order to bring Christians into their sphere of dominance — which is possible ONLY when said Christians have heretofore abandoned their orthodoxy.

        That’s my summary. Perhaps my mistake in deleting my prior “tome,” or so it seemed to me as I was belaboring my reply, is for the best.

        And get some good sleep — to all of us.

        I will take your suggestion to heart, about the approach you suggest for apportioning my energies. For we must be clever and disciplined and tenacious in our preparations for whatever is to come — temporally.

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