It is not hypocrisy, it is dialectics: Links 1, February 19th, 2023

1. The seizing of people’s business and personal bank accounts, who contributed to a legal and justifyable protest over illegal and ultra-vires measures for Covid19, “was a powerful tool to discourage participation, and to incentivize protestors to leave”.

As I recall, the bank accounts were frozen BEFORE the EMA was invoked. And the excuse given sounds a lot like George Soros when he said on 60 Minutes, that “if he didn’t do it, (ratting out Jews to Nazis and stealing their possessions) someone else would have.”. “Was a powerful tool” is abhorent. You could say the same about any illegal or thuggish action. For example, an RCMP horse running over an older woman in a walker. “A powerful tool”. Keep in mind, ANTIFA and ‘Anarchist” groups are 100% behind Trudeau and his gang and all their oppressive measures since day 1 of his reign.

Let’s have a look at protests the WEF Viceroy and Deputy Viceroy like. Montreal, May 2020 during lockdowns:

2. Yesterday was a WW rally for freedom and against the mRNA injections that were forced in every way except violence. And sometimes, where possible, it was administered clandestinely to people, or when unconscious. One rally happened in Ottawa, and some photos were up last night. More to come on that soon. Below, a protest from Pfizer HQ to the UN building in NYC chanting, “Nuremberg”.

3. WHO Covers up SARS Covid19 origins with a now familiar level of cynicism

4. This is a video that needs to go viral urgently.

Note how the dialectic works. First, campaign for the right for ‘freedom’ in certain contexts, then make those contexts mandatory, and on the way, criminalize in one way or another, opposition to the mandatory policy. This tactic has been used against Western values for decades now. Just try and oppose gay marriage in any conversation now to see how that works. Or abortion on demand in any context. So the right for a child to dress how they want or how the parents wants, then becomes the teacher, forcing little boys to wear a dress.

5.  Shocking Court Disclosure Shows Undercover Cops Urging Jan. 6 Protesters — Including Ashli Babbitt — To Enter Capitol Building

(We all knew this of course. But it’s starting to come out now. The GOP house will likely release the footage of all this which the communists Democrats have kept hidden and jailed and tortured people in jails because they hid the evidence. So this is likely why text versions are appearing.)

One would think that after over two years, thousands of hours of video, non-stop media coverage, and dozens of high-profile court cases that nothing new and surprising will be revealed about the January 6 mostly peaceful protests. Yet there are bombshells dropping fairly regularly lately and almost all of them point to the whole thing being a Deep State setup.

The latest comes from a thread by Twitter user @FreeStateWill who posted information that as unearthed during a January 6 trial hearing last week. According to the new information, members of the Metropolitan Police Departments were in the January 6 crowd undercover and can be seen driving people to enter “our house.”

“You know of course, that we have left the winning side for the losing side, don’t you”? – Whitaker Chambers to his wife when they defected from the American communist movement and became Christian patriots.

Thank you all for your kind patronage.

One question: What would happen, do you all think, if Russia where to drive a train full of some of the most poisonous chemicals known into a Ukrainian town, and then blow it up, where the most dangerous chemical, Vinyl Chloride, that according to some sites, would then form a WW1 chemical weapon. What would the US/NATO/MEDIA response be? What actions would be recommended? Would they just not test much and tell the Ukrainian villagers to stay home and go ahead and drink bottled water but otherwise not worry about it?

We already know that Ukraine delivered infinitely smaller chemical weapon attacks into Russia, for which Starlink cut them off from whatever aspect of it they used to guide the drones. But it got little to no media attention that we are aware of. And so far no repercussions for it.

Any answers in comments would be appreciated. Including why this is an unfair analogy. And in some ways it is, but in others it is not. The severity of the event remains the same no matter the motive. Therefore the reaction should be as severe, even if not the same precise thing.

An afterthought: Remember how Nicky Minaj was mocked for Tweeting that her friend had swollen testicles after getting the shot? On the surface it makes sense. Sex cells have a large number of ACE 2 receptors, and the spike protein attacks those specifically. No one mentioned it at the time though, in the mainstream of the narrative.

This Forbes article mocks her in several ways. Word-play and conceptually.

Well I hope Ms. Manaj, wherever she is, can take comfort of sorts in this:

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  1. If Nicky Manaj’s cousin’s friend was dumped by his fiancee because his nuts went nuts, I’d say those bad boys did him a favour.

  2. 5. Ex-FBI analyst says J6 video request stonewalled by senior over need to protect ‘identities within footage’ – Podcast
    John Solomon Reports – February 11, 2023

    “Former Capitol Police Chief explains intelligence failures, chain of communication to Pelosi” – Podcast
    John Solomon Reports – January 8, 2023

  3. Part of Trudeau appointee and Liberal downer, Justice Rouleau summation:

    “In my view, there was credible and compelling information supporting a reasonable belief that the definition of a threat to the security of Canada was met”.

    CSIS found no credible threat.

    What is treason – – the crime of betraying one’s country, especially if trying to overthrow the sovereign or government.

    The World Economic Forum madman, Klaus Schwab speaks of the technology that wins will be the Master of the World. One World Government.

    In my view, I find Justine Trudeau, Mark Carney, And Chrystia Freeland, a trustee of the WEF, and available to all Canada’s highest intelligence, a threat to the security of Canada.

    Should we not have a Commission looking into this and head it up with a Conservative appointment?

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