John Campbell Ph.D today, catches up to Jon Tallinger in 2020

Please note: Dr. Jon Tallinger came out in advance of the bulk of these killings and blew the whistle on the Swedish government for this program. He showed the proof that doctors were instructed to give these drugs, an opiate + a diazepam, which stops breathing, to elderly Covid patients. This would have prevented countless thousands of deaths had people listened to him at the time.

As a consequence of his truth-telling, he had to flee Sweden. NO idea where he is now.

So to be absolutely clear, a significant fraction of “Covid” deaths, are actually state murder. Nice to see Dr. Campbell up to speed on this.

Jon Tallinger #1 from on or before April, 2020

Jon Tallinger #2 April 2020:

Jon Tallinger #3 May 2020:

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    • I’ll bet the same people who give midazolam to covid patients without scruple are the same ones who consider it unethical when it’s given as an anesthetic in executions in the US.

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