Phillip Altman lays it all out, Google goes full Winston Smith, sells “pre-bunking” to governments: links 1, February 14th, 2023

1. Please listen to this speech by Dr. Phillip Altman. he lists the lies and deceptions since the start. If I had a criticism, it would be that its incomplete. There are more lies than just what he lists and even more lethal ones. But in fairness, the enormity of the deception against the public was so large, its hard to keep the list alive in your head.

2. Listen to the newscaster struggle to say, “she”. That of course will be reported as the bigger crime than the bomb threats. And that is how they get away with destroying our civilization.

Story here.

3. Video on the “nuking of a town to make the trains run on time”.

4. Google plans to launch preemptive ‘fact checking’ called “prebunking”. This would be easy to do. Before an oligarch launches a line of effort based on lies, they get ready to block anyone who figures it out and tries to speculate on the actual truth. Just as Google did with Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, early treatment in general and vaccine promotion and suppression of facts which went against the gene-therapy shots. These actions by Google and social media, likely killed a lot more people than the Russians have in the current war.

5. If you want to see something that will give you a glimmer of hope, absorb the horror that is this tweet, but click through to read the responses

Know your enemy.

Thank you for considering the possibility that we are under attack in an information war that has the highest stakes there can be for our liberty and future.

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  1. Global Freedom Movement @GlobalFreedomM

    Fliers alert the public about Digital ID

    Video of activists:

    SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE ?? Outreach on the London Underground. We had such a great reaction from the public, they were genuinely interested in what we had to say, they were asking lots of questions and asking what they can do to help. No one trusts mainstream media anymore

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