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5 Replies to “Tucker Carlson forFebruary 13, 2023”

    • The last three were probably US maid, they are distracting the Lamestream Press from the Hunter Biden laptop and the evidence Joe and his minions selling the US to China.

  1. For the last couple of years I have been concentrating on other things and most of the sabatoge didn’t ring loud alarm bells.

    First thing we have to do is think of all of the sabatoge being related and probably directed by the same people (never forget that our monolithic, they are composed of many different groups with different end goals.) that are pushing the clot shot on us. These attacks are designed to destroy the US, not just our economy but the entire nation. This destruction will partially be due to an engineered economic collapse that will destroy the global economy. (All nations that want to remain free must ensure that their Military Equipment and that the vast majority of their food supple are produced internally. This is why the left works do destroy all internal production of both)

    The collapse will trigger massive fighting around the world as every nation and ethnic group starts scrambling to preserve themselves. The internal fighting in the nations (think Italy during the warring states period) will ensure that the chaos will last much longer then anything we have seen in the past couple of Centuries. (I recently read someone who said we were entering the forever war.)

    This war/chaos will be complicated by the Deep Ecology types who are insisting that the earth can’t sustain a population of more then 600 hundred million. Many of thy dystopian future SF novels combined this idea with the eugenics idea breeding a new race of Supermen. One of the ways this is to be accomplished will be requiring people to receive government permission for each child the bring into the earth. Note this isn’t a 1 or 2 child per couple but some people getting unlisted permits and others being refused any. We can all see the corruption this will quickly lead to.

    The people pulling Obama’s strings may be trying to use a fake alien invasion to bring about their goals. While this may aid their economic, societal and political sabatoge to bring about the collapse and start the Forever War, it is a short term tactic that will end up backfiring on the left.

    It is too late to save Western Civilization but not too late to save individual nations and the ideas of Individual Rights with everyone being Equal Under The Law. As long as we can preserve these principals as the foundations for our nations we can build a new civilization.

    • Your analysis is excellent, as always, Richard. But as usual, you’re more optimistic than I am.

      Over the last ten years or so I’ve come to believe we’re in terminal decline anyway. The more they talk “democracy” the less there is. (We should’ve been counting the spoons long ago…)

      There are spots of light beyond this system, much of the Golden Billion turns out to be fiat. History is made of such long cycles.

      Now I’m afraid the forces driving our collapse may overshoot the mark – terminate much of the world as we know it, not just the institutions of Western Civilization.

      There’s no way we can prevail in a conventional war. The saboteurs you describe are conditioning us to accept “tactical nukes” as our go-to military strategy. WE are the only power to have nuked a civilian population – and WE will be responsible for the next “first use”.

      The response is likely to be a combination of incendiary strikes and the more horrifying EMP attacks.

      The late Dr. Peter Vincent Pry helped then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich craft the SHIELD Act in 2011 to harden our electrical grid, but the legislation failed to pass. Gingrich has written bestseller science fiction, but this is chilling reality and the technology has advanced and become more diffuse.

      Remember that Clarion Webinar in December 2013, EMPact America, where the panel of experts explained what EMP attacks would do to us? Kinetic wars on the historical scale will be impossible, the 10% who survive the first thirty days will be scrambling in small packs of Stone Age primitives.

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