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4 Replies to “15 more UK doctors from many fields come out publicly against the vaxx”

  1. I don’t agree that we should stop the jabs.

    We should just double the doses for politicians, leftists, mask-heads, and so on.

    We have a pretty good idea what the outcome might be, but there’s only one way to be really sure…

    • Gullible, government trusting fools are dying by the thousands after taking the suicide jab. Politicians don’t seem to be dying. Maybe politicians took the placebos? Line up every pro vax politician. Force them to take the very same life ending vaccine they encourage others to take. Start with Fauci. No more phony saline solution for politicians.

      • Quite probable. IIRC I have seen a list of those (politicians, bureaucrats etc.) NOT required to take the shots. But as it was online, and months ago, I cannot remember who or where or when and as it was not my notebook (hospital staff NB) I could not save or print a copy.
        A post here about the level of military rank enabling the ease of dodging the shots would seem to indicate that such blatant criminal hypocrisy was standard everywhere the globalist toxic finger could reach.

        I want to see a reckoning for this and if it involves a wall or a tree, then so be it.

        • Some police were not made to take the shots, I don’t believe CBC employees had too, there were various groups who were not mandated but you must understand COVID did not affect some “special” people for some reason. Schwab did not take any, I imagine Yuval Noah Harari and his husband did not take them. – – just the “little” people needed them.

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