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  1. There’s enough in this 1 hr interview to merit a listen. CAF tells a babbling Greg Hunter to stop wasting time on Trump, which is startling given the listenership of his broadcasts. She says he was either complicit or incompetent on the vaxx. (There is the third option that he and his family were threatened unless he went along which isn’t mentioned, but…)

  2. The Spike Protein FUNCTIONS AS A “MICROTUMOR”: Instantaneous “Micrometastases”: Induction of Tumor Microenvironment: LONG COVID! + Video
    Walter M Chesnut – December 22, 2022

    Commenter’s Link:

    Long Covid CURE: The Pieces (of Spike Protein) are Finally Starting to Come Together — It All Starts with the Lab Manufactured Spike Protein
    2nd Smartest Guy in the World – December 22, 2022

  3. I recommend people listen to the Lara Logan-Sasha Latypova broadcast on VTB if you haven’t. I am now 1 hr in and it’s very good. In broad strokes DoD created a bioweapon through various labs (Uke ones included), farmed the product production out to big pharma protected from liability, bypassed all normal vax trials and replaced them with “theater”, captured media frightened the masses thereby herding them to the “solution”, and on. If I don’t have it all right thus far someone please correct me.

    -There is adequate death and sickness emerging from injections to conclude it is, itself, likely only the first depopulation mechanism of scale applied by deepest state actors
    -“Batches” varied intentionally in their danger level, as we suspected quite some time ago, to enhance marketing by minimizing immediate widespread injury
    -How could an attack of such epic scale on the U.S. population be concealed from PT?
    -Is Latypova, herself, an agent of disinformation? If she is, it is difficult to fathom how her evidence is contrived. If she is not, is her life not in danger? Or is her public profile high enough, like Tucker’s, to protect her? (It isn’t)
    -Despite the deep state having the power and ability to have created and executed such an attack, it still defends against broad public understanding of events, hence defends against civil war, because this would threaten its position.
    -Is the DoD also behind CBDC’s?
    -There cannot be broad understanding of attack mechanisms within the attacking infrastructure because there remain good people with integrity in the infrastructure.

      • The logical place for the funding to come from would be the CDC. That is where the biological expertise would be concentrated.

        Running it through the DOD is possible since it would take only one or two paper pushers in DC. It would be best if these were civilians not military for various reasons.

        I still think Fauci would be the logical suspect, after all he was the man behind the gain of function research at Wuhan. Remember the KISS principal. As well as the saying that 3 people can keep a secret when 2 of them are dead.

        More as more occurs to me.

    • If the DOD were still concentrating on war fighting it could be done. Obama started the destruction of the war fighting military and Biden/Obama has continued it.

      A more likely scenario is Fauchi funded the program. He funded the research at Wuhan so why not others?

      • It’s a lot to absorb.

        The DoD is thoroughly rotten. Corrupt AND incompetent. The intelligence agencies together with Fauci’s stable of freaks might be able to pull it off.

        It would have to be a very small number of people at the top who run a communist-clumsy bureaucracy. Those driving the cogs in the wheel.

        The PRC would be a useful – and quite possible – partner. They’ve managed to suborn much of the elite movers-&-shakers.

  4. BEWARE OF CLIMATE CLOWNS says my deer friend

    They are cutting down trees
    Don’t cha know
    To plant panels that are no good
    When covered with snow.

    They cut down trees
    To plant big poles
    That will not shade or protect us
    Poor lost souls.

    If you go out in the woods today
    There all cut down
    The Climate Clowns
    Took them away.

    Simple little poem, for simple little people.

  5. global news – Quebec anticorruption squad kept busy this year investigating fake vaccine passports

    + VIDEO

    A new report from Quebec’s anticorruption unit says its officers were kept busy this year chasing down hundreds of reports related to the production and use of fake COVID-19 vaccine passports.

    Frédérick Gaudreau, the head of the police force known as UPAC, released his annual report Tuesday, covering a 12-month period ending March 31, 2022.

    The police force says that about 300 of the 795 calls it received in its last fiscal year were related to counterfeit proof-of-vaccination documents, adding that many of those who allegedly produced false papers were public servants or office holders.

    Quebec’s vaccine passport system was in place between September 2021 and mid-March of this year.

    It required Quebecers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access a lengthy list of businesses and venues the government deemed non-essential, including entertainment and performance centres, gyms, bars, places of worship and restaurants.

    UPAC says there are 41 active investigations into false documents, adding that three people have been criminally charged.

    Gaudreau says producing false vaccine passports is a serious offence. People who work for the legislature or in the civil service are “people who society, the population has confidence in,” he told a news conference in Quebec City.

    “We expect high standards of integrity; so, it’s our mission to prevent that.”

    The problem of people using false documents to claim they’re vaccinated when they aren’t presents “an important public health issue,” he said.

    Overall, UPAC had a busy fiscal year, with a 139 per cent rise compared with the previous fiscal year in the number of complaints or calls, he said.

    • global news – China races to vaccinate elderly as funeral homes struggle with deaths

      A Chinese government-led round of vaccinations were held across the country on Wednesday, aimed at protecting the elderly from a surge in COVID-19 infections that has put the country’s health infrastructure under massive strain.

      China’s health authority pledged late last month to make a concerted effort to ramp up vaccinations among the over-60s, promising to deploy specialist vehicles and set up temporary clinics in villages and communities in order to boost coverage rates, which have lagged among the elderly.

      Separately, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said during a regularly-held press conference that China will provide more convenience for cross-border travellers when appropriate. The remarks by Mao came after a question about plans China had to improve its quarantine policy for overseas travellers.

      In Beijing, funeral homes and crematoria across the Chinese capital are struggling to keep up with calls for funeral and cremation services as workers and drivers testing positive for COVID-19 also called in sick. Since lifting restrictions earlier this month, China has told its population of 1.4 billion to nurse their mild symptoms at home unless symptoms become severe, as cities across China brace for their first waves of infections.

      • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – COVID-19 situation in China remains threatening

        Weeks after China gave up its zero-COVID strategy, the country is witnessing a new outbreak.

        Concerned citizens are rushing to the pharmacies to buy medicine, while crematoriums across China struggle to cope with the rising number of deaths.

        This week, Chinese authorities announced another change — they would narrow the definition of COVID-19 deaths by only including deaths from pneumonia or respiratory failure.

        Meanwhile, people are lining up at “fever clinics” in many Chinese cities and many citizens are isolating at home.

      • FRANCE PR4VD4 – New Covid-19 model predicts over 1 mln deaths in China through 2023

        China’s abrupt lifting of stringent Covid-19 restrictions could result in an explosion of cases and over a million deaths through 2023, according to new projections from the US-based Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).


      Infractions liées aux mesures sanitaires L’État contre-attaque

      Des leaders anti-mesures sanitaires qui ont collectionné les constats d’infraction de 1550 $ pendant la pandémie, en criant haut et fort qu’ils étaient « illégaux » et « inconstitutionnels », risquent de perdre leur maison après avoir été déboutés coup sur coup devant les tribunaux. L’État a commencé à cibler différents actifs pour récupérer son dû, a appris La Presse.

      Le Procureur général du Québec a obtenu ces derniers jours des hypothèques légales sur des maisons appartenant à Stéphane Thibault et à Pascal Antonin, deux leaders antimasques et antivaccins notoires qui ont accumulé des dizaines de constats d’infraction pour violation des décrets sanitaires.

      Stéphane Thibault, un camionneur de Repentigny qui avait créé le groupe de contestation Gilets jaunes Québec avant la pandémie, a entrepris en avril 2021 une tournée de la province pour défier l’interdiction de déplacements non essentiels entre différentes régions administratives.

      Avec sa « Patriote-Mobile », une voiture surmontée d’immenses affiches antivaccins comparant le port obligatoire du masque à de la « maltraitance », il narguait les policiers dans des vidéos qu’il diffusait en direct sur Facebook.

      « Esti que c’est l’fun ! Esti qu’ils [les policiers] ne connaissent pas la loi ! », rigolait-il, tout en affirmant que les amendes pour violation des décrets sanitaires étaient « illégales ».

      M. Thibault vient de se faire imposer par le Procureur général une hypothèque légale totalisant 11 761 $ sur sa maison de Repentigny, découlant de sept jugements de culpabilité prononcés contre lui pour des infractions à la Loi sur la santé publique, dans trois régions administratives.

      À défaut de payer ce qu’il doit, il risque de voir sa maison saisie, et le fruit de la vente pourrait servir au remboursement de ses amendes au terme d’une vente sous contrôle de justice. Le cas échéant, il serait également contraint de payer des frais d’huissier assez élevés.

      M. Thibault n’a pas répondu à notre demande d’entrevue.

      50 000 $ d’amendes
      Pascal Antonin, qui a participé à de nombreuses manifestations avec le militant antivaccin François Amalega Bitondo, s’est aussi vu imposer une hypothèque légale de 14 828 $ sur une maison dont il est copropriétaire à Rivière-Rouge, découlant de neuf jugements défavorables concernant des constats de plus de 1600 $ pour des infractions à la Loi sur la santé publique.

      M. Antonin s’est félicité d’avoir reçu au total une trentaine de constats d’infraction pour violation des décrets sanitaires. « Je dois en avoir pour 50 000 $ [et] il est hors de question que je paie quoi que ce soit », a-t-il assuré dans une récente vidéo qu’il a publiée sur Facebook.

      Il soutient qu’il n’a aucun salaire qui puisse être saisi, et que son véhicule n’est pas enregistré à son nom.

      Pascal Antonin a refusé de nous accorder une entrevue. La résidence dont il est copropriétaire fait déjà l’objet d’un préavis d’exercice d’un droit hypothécaire pour non-paiement de prêt hypothécaire, révèlent des documents publics consultés par La Presse.

      L’Association des huissiers de justice du Québec (AHJQ) affirme que certains de ses membres ont aussi été mandatés par l’État pour procéder à des saisies de biens meubles, comme des véhicules ou d’autres objets de valeur, pour le règlement d’amendes non payées liées à la COVID-19. Le ministère de la Justice précise qu’il peut également procéder à des saisies de salaire ou de compte de banque contre les récalcitrants, et qu’en « tout dernier recours », il pourrait faire une « demande d’imposition d’une peine d’emprisonnement ».

      « C’est du temps et de l’énergie perdus pour les tribunaux, mais le principal perdant dans ce type de démarche, c’est toujours le citoyen qui s’entête à ne pas payer, parce que tous les frais de justice vont finir par être récupérés par le gouvernement », commente Simon Beauchesne-Paquette, président de l’AHJQ.

      Contestations rarement fructueuses
      Entre le 1er avril 2020 et le 30 novembre 2022, un total de 43 082 constats d’infraction, d’une valeur de 65,2 millions, ont été signifiés pour des infractions à la Loi sur la santé publique, indiquent des données du ministère de la Justice. Le taux de condamnation devant les tribunaux est d’environ 96 %, indique le Ministère.

      De nombreux avocats et militants ont tenté de faire invalider ces constats d’infraction en les faisant déclarer inconstitutionnels, sans succès à ce jour. C’est le cas du leader antimasque Mario Roy, qui a échoué cette semaine à faire invalider par la Cour du Québec une amende de 6500 $, qu’il considérait comme une « peine cruelle et abusive », pour avoir organisé un festival de chanson qui a réuni des centaines de participants dans un verger en pleine pandémie.

      La Cour, se basant sur une décision de la Cour d’appel qui a reconnu la validité des décrets sanitaires en janvier 2022 (l’arrêt Stanislas Bricka c. Procureur général du Québec), a rejeté la demande de M. Roy en affirmant que sa prétention d’atteinte à ses droits fondamentaux était « vouée manifestement à l’échec ». Le procès de M. Roy a eu lieu et il connaîtra son sort au début de 2023.

      En janvier prochain, un autre groupe anti-mesures sanitaires très actif pendant la pandémie, la Fondation pour la défense des droits et libertés du peuple (FDDLP), tentera de faire déclarer les décrets sanitaires « nuls et inopérants » et demandera au Tribunal d’ordonner au Procureur général de « prendre tous les moyens raisonnables pour que les citoyens qui ont reçu une contravention […] soient remboursés ». L’argumentaire de la FDDLP est en grande partie basé sur des rapports de scientifiques dissidents européens, dont l’infectiologue controversé Christian Perronne.

      Le président de la FDDLP, Stéphane Blais, assure qu’il a lui-même payé un constat d’infraction qu’il a reçu pour avoir manifesté sans masque lors d’un rassemblement contre les mesures sanitaires. « Tant et aussi longtemps qu’il n’y aura pas de jugement qui nous donne raison, c’est sûr que si on ramasse des dizaines de tickets, il faut être responsable de ses gestes et en assumer les conséquences », a-t-il commenté.

    • NYT – As Covid Deaths Climb, Even Seniors Skip the Latest Booster

      Nearly all Americans over 65 got their initial Covid vaccines. But that immunity is waning, and this time, the government is offering far less support for new shots.

      PLEASANT HILL, Calif. — Bonnie Ronk is something of a public health matriarch at the Mt. Diablo Center for seniors in this liberal Northern California suburb.

      When Ms. Ronk, a great-grandmother whose red walker bears a sticker saying “El Jefe” (The Leader), tells her peers to pull their masks over their noses, they oblige. When she received both doses of the Covid vaccine and a booster and told others to do the same, they did.

      But even Ms. Ronk, 79, has not gotten the latest Covid booster, which was updated to protect against the Omicron variant and has been available since September. She said she didn’t know about it.

      Across the United States, where about 94 percent of people 65 and older had their initial Covid vaccines, only 36 percent have received the updated shot, known as the bivalent booster, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Seniors have offered an array of explanations: They were unaware of it, unable to find it or unconvinced of its value.

      As the pandemic barrels into its third winter, and Covid hospitalizations and deaths climb once again, medical experts worry that there is no effective plan to update the immunizations of the most vulnerable Americans. Two years ago, when Covid shots were first introduced, the federal government sent teams into thousands of nursing homes and community centers to vaccinate seniors, curbing the devastation of the virus.

      But so far this fall, the White House has only offered grants to community organizations to get shots into the arms of older people, without the clear messaging strategy or logistical support that they need most, many caregivers and nursing home executives said in interviews.

      “The governmental and philanthropic support feels nonexistent,” said Debbie Toth, the chief executive of the nonprofit Choice in Aging, who helped bring thousands of the initial vaccines to adult care facilities and housing complexes in the East Bay of California in early 2021.

      The diminishing immunity of seniors has largely transformed the Covid pandemic in the United States from a threat against the unvaccinated to one against the old, many of whom were once well protected. People over 70 are being admitted to a hospital with Covid at a rate four times higher than that of the general population.

      The most recent available death counts by age showed that almost 90 percent of Covid fatalities were among people over 65.

      “The evidence is clear: Even if you got the shot two years ago, your immunity has waned. But the people who most need to hear that have not,” said Dr. Michael Wasserman, a geriatrician and the public policy chair of the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine. “When you combine pandemic fatigue with no real plan from the government together, what we have is a perfect storm.”

      The Biden administration’s Covid plan for the winter includes $125 million in grants to two community organizations, USAging and The National Council on Aging, for programs to vaccinate older Americans — a far less direct approach than when it dispatched CVS and Walgreens workers into care centers after the first shots were authorized. The plan also includes letters to governors encouraging more nursing home shots and a television ad campaign that targets seniors in racial and ethnic minority groups.

      Mary Wall, the chief of staff of the White House Covid response team, said the administration was doing what it could with the limited resources available, but acknowledged that this time, the administration was relying on states to shoulder more of the burden.

      “We’re really instead asking them directly, please go and host on-site clinics,” she said.

      She called the grants “a great start,” but stressed that a more robust financial investment would require cooperation from Congress, which has repeatedly refused President Biden’s request for an additional $10 billion in health funding, a vast majority of it for the coronavirus response.

      “Realistically,” she said, “this is not something that we have gotten more money for, for a while, despite repeated asks to Congress. We’ve been trying really hard to look with great sobriety at our resources.”

      Epidemiologists agree that among all pillars of a national response, widespread vaccination is among the most valuable. They estimate that Covid shots prevented 650,000 hospitalizations and 300,000 deaths among seniors and Medicare beneficiaries in 2021 alone.

      But the virus has since evolved, and the original vaccine formula is no longer a good match for circulating variants, a particular danger to seniors with weakened immune systems and underlying conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

      Even the bivalent shot has limited ability to prevent infections from the latest Omicron variants, but it is very effective at preventing serious illness and death. According to C.D.C. data, people 50 and older who received multiple boosters had half the risk of dying from the virus as those with just one booster.

      Dr. Sabine von Preyss-Friedman, a geriatric specialist and the chief medical officer of Avalon Health Care Group, said the apathy among some seniors reflected a misconception about the vaccine’s purpose.

      “People are thinking, ‘I got the shot, and I still got Covid, so what’s the point?’ They aren’t thinking about the fact that they got Covid and lived.”

      As part of the federal push, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also added a recording about the vaccine to its 1-800-MEDICARE line and sent emails to newsletter recipients “to share information on these updated vaccines, including when and how to get them.”

      But a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan research organization, found that 40 percent of people 65 and older said they had heard little or nothing about the new booster. About half of homebound Americans 70 and older don’t have a computer, according to surveys, and more than half have not used email or the internet in the past month.

      Contra Costa, the East Bay county where the Mt. Diablo Center operates, hasn’t experienced the politicization that has turned many American communities against public health measures. Here, front yards are still dotted with signs praising health workers. A 14-row parking lot has been repurposed for drive-through Covid testing.

      Posters in every walkway encourage six feet of distance. The center’s mascot is a stuffed pig in a rainbow cape wearing a miniature mask. “Not all heroes wear capes,” a sign declares, “but they do wear masks.”

      Yet even at this facility, where 100 percent of participants received their initial vaccines, only 40 percent have gotten the bivalent booster. At Pleasant Hill Post Acute, four miles south, every resident received the original shots, but only one in five is now up to date. At Vacaville Convalescent and Rehab, just north, almost 90 percent of residents were vaccinated, but 13 percent are up to date. Seven residents there tested positive for Covid last week.

      Ms. Ronk has a chronic inflammatory lung condition that puts her at risk of severe Covid. She said she liked to stay “as healthy as I can,” country music blaring as she exercised in the center, using plastic water bottles as dumbbells.

      She would have been “darn glad to get it,” Ms. Ronk said of the bivalent booster, had she known about it.

      Alexandr Makedonsky, 84, a former denture technician who considers himself “very pro-science,” said he eagerly sought the initial series of Covid vaccines and two boosters after a friend was hospitalized with the virus. He didn’t know the fifth shot was better suited to Omicron.

      Part of the problem, according to Alex Stoia, a nurse at the facility, is that the eligibility criteria for the new vaccine was not straightforward.

      “I can’t tell you the number of people who asked whether they should wait longer for the bivalent, since they’d just gotten a different booster in September, and we didn’t know what to tell them,” she said. “Even the people advising me couldn’t figure out the recommendations.”

      Logistics are also a mammoth challenge. Ms. Stoia, who manages care for homebound seniors, said taking them to vaccination clinics can be nearly impossible: They may not hear the phone ringing; there’s nobody to help them get dressed; it’s too cold to wait on the curb for the van and, when it arrives, the electric wheelchair often doesn’t fit.

      In Los Angeles County, where an estimated 500,000 residents are homebound, the public health department said it sent only eight nurses to provide in-home vaccinations each day.

      “They need to understand that you can’t just tell people to get the vaccine, you have to bring the vaccine to the arm,” said Ms. Toth. “And trust me, that last mile is the hardest.”

      To many public health experts, the most difficult-to-teach seniors are those who doubt the new vaccine’s worth. New survey data from the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that about one-third of adults 65 and older who received the original series of Covid vaccines but not the booster said they didn’t think they needed it, and a similar share said that they didn’t think its benefits were worth it.

      Dr. Noah Marco, chief medical officer of the senior care nonprofit Los Angeles Jewish Health, said he “continues to be amazed” that the federal government has not enlisted marketing experts to “create updated messaging that actually works.”

      “Coca-Cola spent billions of dollars over decades convincing us that we need to be buying and drinking bubbly water with sugar and caramel in it. Come on, is there really nobody around to lend a hand here?” Dr. Marco said.

      At Mt. Diablo, the 51 seniors who still haven’t received the updated shot could use a fresh pitch. Two friends, Tsilya Tankover, 95, and Faina Gutkin, 77, got their initial vaccines, but they are among those refusing the booster that fights Omicron.

      “I feel fine,” Ms. Gutkin said, pushing around the collard greens on her plate as she shared plans to go tango dancing. “Why do I need it? I’m still waiting for someone to tell me that.”

      ABC News – Bivalent COVID-19 boosters gave seniors 80% better protection: CDC

      A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Protection shows that the latest bivalent COVID-19 boosters provide seniors 80 percent better protection against hospitalization.

      + comments on the YT page

    • Dr John Campbell – WHO global vaccination plan


      + comments on the YT page

      brutal how 11 hours ago

      I am in China, everyone is getting sick but deaths reports are very low. Hospitals are busy but the so called 'death surge' seems to be nonsense.

      China is vast but word does get around.

      People are generally accepting the new disease now and getting ready for an open country next year.

      I am currently covid positive, a middle-aged type one diabetic, completely unvaccinated and certainly not going to die from this variant.


    • DAILY MAIL – China faces ‘thermonuclear’ wave of Covid: Warning virus may kill up to ONE MILLION people as the sick overwhelm hospitals and dead bodies pile up outside morgues – after Beijing reversed its draconian restrictions

      Projections suggest up to one million people could die in coming months

      Experts warn of ‘pandemic tsunami’ and WHO says it is ‘concerned’ about surge

      […]One leading expert predicted even higher levels of deaths, saying they will likely be in the ‘millions — plural’, adding: ‘This is just the start.’

      […]China is currently in the midst of a Covid ‘pandemic tsunami’, according to doctors working in the country.


      CBC – Why China’s COVID-19 case explosion could have global ramifications

      Facing a massive surge in COVID-19 cases, China is trying to strengthen hospitals as it rolls back controls that confined millions of people to their homes and set off protests.

      Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist at the Toronto General Hospital, tells Power & Politics that ‘given the large number of infections over a short period of time in a country that has such significant economic standing on the planet, there will be global ramifications.’

    • bloomberg – Why China’s Covid Death Numbers Don’t Stack Up

      China has reported only a handful of Covid deaths while seeing an exponential surge in virus cases.

      It’s fueling suspicion about the data, reports Bloomberg’s Emma O’Brien.

      “We’re hearing about crematoriums that are being overwhelmed. Hospitals with bodies piling up.”

    • city news –54% of Canadians support masks mandate if Covid cases climb: poll

      …more than half of Canadians are in favor of re-implementing mask mandates if cases of COVID-19 rise this winter.

      + comments on YT page

    • zero hedge –Canadian Government Tells Kids They’ll Be On Santa’s ‘Naughty List’ Without COVID Vaccine, Masks


      Theresa Tam has issued a new public health announcement for the Christmas holidays, which comes in the form of a 2-minute interview with “Mrs. Clause” from the “North Pole”.

      twitter @CPHO_Canada

      Parents and Caregivers, I had a great chat with Mrs. Claus about things we can do to make this a happy and healthy holiday season. Here’s the scoop from the #NorthPole:


  6. the guardian – Scottish government hails ‘historic day’ as MSPs pass gender recognition bill

    Holyrood votes in favour of plans to allow people to legally change their gender through system of self-identification

    The Scottish government has hailed a “historic day for equality” after MSPs approved plans to make it easier and less intrusive for individuals to legally change their gender, extending the new system of self-identification to 16- and 17-year-olds for the first time.

    Six years after it was proposed by the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, after two of the largest public consultations in the history of the Scottish parliament and amid an increasingly toxic and polarised political discourse, the bill was passed by MSPs on Thursday in a specially extended session.

    As a mark of the escalating tensions surrounding the changes, the debate was disrupted minutes before the final vote by protesters in the public gallery shouting “shame on you” and “this is the darkest day”.

    The final vote followed an unprecedented two days of debate as members worked cross-party and past midnight on more than 150 amendments to address concerns about abusive males potentially taking advantage of the new system, and its impact on UK equality law.

    The gender recognition reform (Scotland) bill removes the need for a psychiatric diagnosis of gender dysphoria in order to obtain a gender recognition certificate (GRC), and extends the application process to 16- and 17-year-olds for the first time.

    Scotland’s new self-identification system will also reduce the time someone must have been permanently living in their acquired gender before they can apply – from two years to three months, or six months for those aged 16 and 17 – with a three-month reflection period during which an individual can change their mind.

    Despite the concerns of some SNP backbenchers, the bill passed comfortably with support from the Scottish Greens, Labour and the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Nine SNP MSPs voted against their government, including Ash Regan, the former minister who quit in protest at the first vote. Two Labour members – who were whipped to vote in favour – also rebelled, while three Tories, who were allowed a free vote, supported it.

    Proposing the final version of the bill to parliament, the social justice minister, Shona Robison, said that, like equal marriage and civil partnership legislation before it, “this is an important step to creating a more equal Scotland”.

    Robison insisted that applying for a GRC under the new system would continue to be “a substantial and significant legal process”, with safeguards strengthened during the passage of the bill, and the bill “doesn’t change public policy … around provision of single-sex spaces and services”.

    She told MSPs: “Trans rights are not in competition with women’s rights and, as so often before, we can improve things for everyone when those discriminated against act as allies not opponents.”

    But the Scottish Conservatives’ equalities spokesperson, Rachael Hamilton, told Robison that her government had not brought the people of Scotland with them, and that “in the rush to make the process a little easier for trans people, the government is making it easier for criminal men to attack women”.

    Following UK government briefings that the new law would create “legal chaos” and result in “gender tourism”, Hamilton said the rush to pass the legislation a few days before Christmas had resulted in “a subpar, shoddy piece of legislation that is not fit to pass into law”. She added: “This bill will be a legacy issue for the first minister, and not in the way she hopes, because … women won’t wheesht [be quiet]. This government is not listening and our voices will be heard”.

    Joanna Cherry: SNP colleagues are afraid to speak out on gender reform laws

    Joanna Cherry has said fellow SNP representatives in Westminster and Holyrood are “scared to speak out” on gender reform.

    The Edinburgh South West MP has been a fierce critic of the Scottish Government’s legislation which will make it easier to obtain a gender recognition certificate (GRC) on the basis of self-declaration and removing the need for a gender dysphoria diagnosis.

    Ms Cherry said she was sacked from the justice and home affairs spokesperson role in Westminster following her opposition to the proposals which are currently going through stage three in the Scottish Parliament.

    Speaking following a For Women Scotland protest against self-ID outside the Scottish Parliament, she said she was aware of colleagues who had “serious reservations” over the legislation.

    Hundreds of protesters gathered outside Holyrood on Wednesday afternoon to express their opposition to the Bill.

    Speakers included Ms Cherry, former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, and the Alba MP, Neale Hanvey.

    Ms Cherry received death and sexual violence threats against her after she expressed her views.

    She said: “I know for a fact that there are people in both the Westminster and the Holyrood groups who have serious reservations about this legislation, but who have felt unable to speak out.”

  7. EXCLUSIVE: Investigator Finds Major Michigan Voter Fraud 3 Miles from State Capitol
    By Ben Wetmore
    Published December 22, 2022 at 8:00am

    Anne Hill has spent the last two years investigating the suspicious 2020 election and documenting voter fraud.

    She has found clear-cut cases of voter fraud in Michigan near her home, that the County Clerk and the Secretary of State refuses to take action on.

    Some of the most obvious examples are illegal votes being cast from locations that no longer exist.

    At Michigan State University, in East Lansing Michigan, there were a series of apartments known as “Cherry Lane Apartments.” These apartments, built in the 50’s, were on a street named Cherry Lane. This location is a little over three miles east of the Michigan State Capitol.

    Between 2005-2010 the apartments were torn down, and the street itself was made into a park as reported by the Lansing State Journal. Another news report claims all structures were being torn down as of July 2011.

    But votes in 2020 and 2022 are still coming from the Cherry Lane apartments from people registered at that nonexistent address, from a street that no longer exists

  8. EXCLUSIVE: National Democrat Operative and Arizona Audit Saboteur Ryan Macias to Testify in Kari Lake’s Election Trial TODAY – Previously Seen at Leftist Meeting with Secretaries of State
    By Jordan Conradson
    Published December 22, 2022 at 8:45am

    Democrat operative Ryan Macias is set to testify on the stand in court today for day two of Kari Lake’s absolutely historic election contest trial against Maricopa County and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

    The Gateway Pundit reported on the trial live from Mesa, Arizona.

    Today’s testimony from the defense will feature Arizona and Maricopa County elections officials as well as “expert witnesses” Ryan Macias and Kenneth Mayer.

    Maricopa County Election Co-Director Scott Jarrett will testify again after claiming yesterday that the voting machine failures and over two to four-hour waits on Election Day did not cause disruption on Election Day in Maricopa County.

  9. Reminder to the GOP: McConnell’s Senate Candidates Were Bigger Losers than Trump Senate Candidates
    By ProTrumpNews Staff
    Published December 22, 2022 at 9:30am

    The Hill reported:

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday blamed the power former President Trump exerted in GOP primaries for the “candidate quality” issues his party struggled with in key races

    The GOP Establishment and Mitch McConnell blamed Donald Trump for losses during the midterms – but the facts tell a different story.

    McConnell told reporters that the reason for the lack of a red wave in 2022 was “candidate quality.”

    Speaking to reporters a week after Republicans lost the Senate runoff in Georgia, which expanded the Senate Democratic majority to 51 seats, McConnell said his party was hampered by weak candidates in several battleground states.

    “I never said there was a red wave. I said we had a bunch of close races,” McConnell told reporters, citing the caution flags he raised in August when some Republicans were predicting big GOP gains in Congress.

    We ended up having a candidate quality [issue],” McConnell said. “Look at Arizona, look at New Hampshire and a challenging situation in Georgia as well.”

    What McConnell didn’t say was how poorly his candidates performed.

    All but one of his candidates lost by a larger margin than Trump-backed candidates.

    In the elections since then, plenty of Establishment candidates lost Senate seats, including two each in Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia in 2020 and one in New Hampshire. The retort to this usually is that Trump being around caused those losses, which is strange because, in many cases, Trump did better than those candidates when he was on the ballot. Besides, if we go by who is in the White House or on top of the ticket, then George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney left the GOP worse off in the Senate than where Republicans are now.

    Some of those Establishment losses (in Arizona and Georgia last time around) were candidates picked by Governor appointment, not by primary voters. In Colorado, delegates at a GOP convention squeezed candidates out of the primary ballot, leaving only two candidates, including Trump-bashing Joe O’Dea. He lost the general election by almost 15 points to Michael Bennett as opposed to a much smaller Republican loss in 2016 and a narrow 1.7-point loss in 2010 by Tea Party favorite Ken Buck who was of Bad Quality the establishment griped about back then.

    McConnell’s favorability is also in the tank. According to Real Clear Politics, only 23.7% of Americans have a favorable view of McConnell.

    RINOs are the problem in the GOP, not Trump.


  10. MORE DEEP STATE LIES: FBI Hid Hunter Biden Laptop, Refused to Investigate It, Said They Lost It… And NOW SAY They Did Not Push Big Tech to Censor It
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 22, 2022 at 9:45am

    The FBI took possession of the Hunter Biden laptop from computer repair shop owner Jahn Paul Mac Isaac in December 2019.

    John Paul Mac Isaac then never heard another word from the FBI. The elite investigative agency killed the story and refused to investigate the contents of the laptop. This was a conscious decision by the FBI to help their candidate Joe Biden in his race against President Donald Trump.

    The FBI never disclosed ANYTHING to Congressional lawmakers or the Trump administration during the bogus impeachment trial. They had all the evidence to debunk the impeachment. They kept quiet instead.

    John Paul Mac Isaac later gave a copy of the computer hard drive to Rudy Giuliani. The FBI was illegally tapping into Rudy’s calls and tracking his communications online. They knew Rudy had a copy of the laptop. They devised a plan and warned Big Tech about the story encouraging Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. to kill the story.

  11. I don’t know about this one, the temperature chart is the predicted temps for this month.

    INDIA: 3 Die of Heart Attack, 22 Hospitalized, and Number of Brain Stroke on the Rise Due to ‘Sudden Exposure to Cold Temperature,’ Doctors Say
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 22, 2022 at 10:00am

    Three people died of heart attack between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon in the city of Kanpur, central-western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. At the same time, twenty-two people, including four teenagers, were admitted to the hospital. The number of people suffering from brain stroke has also increased. The unexpected drop in temperature was blamed by doctors.

    Twenty-two individuals with heart attack and heart failure were reportedly admitted to the Heart Disease Institute. The outpatient department (OPD) saw 913 patients, and 13 people were admitted to the emergency room after suffering from brain stroke, according to Jagran.

  12. CHANGE: Georgia City Takes Election Responsibility Away From Fulton County
    By ProTrumpNews Staff
    Published December 22, 2022 at 10:15am

    The City of Milton in Georgia voted to take the responsibility for their municipal elections away from Fulton County.

    The projected cost to renew the agreement with Fulton County was between $186,000 to $190,000.

    The first-time cost for Milton to run its own elections would be $72,254 – that number is estimated to drop to $56,589 after first time costs are taken care of.

    On Monday evening the City of Milton, Georgia, voted unanimously to take responsibility for all municipal elections, away from Fulton County, Georgia, control.

  13. zero hedge – Why Caroline Threw Sam Under The Bus: Details Emerge About Alameda CEO’s Generous Plea Deal

    […]if Ellison fully cooperates with the SDNY’s investigation (in throwing her boyfriend under the bus), as well as any other law enforcement agency designated by the office, she won’t be further prosecuted criminally.

    […]Finally, CoinDesk points out one interesting side-note in that the plea deal also contains language that says if Ellison is not a US citizen, it is very likely that her removal from the US will be mandatory. While it’s assumed that Ellison is a US national, it is possible she may have abandoned her nationality for a citizenship of convenience for tax reasons which is a popular trend among some crypto traders living abroad, as the US taxes non-residents.

    […]Ellison pleaded guilty to seven counts, including wire and securities fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering, which carry a maximum sentence of 110 years in prison, while Wang pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud, with a maximum 50-year sentence.

    The documents said prosecutors would not oppose bail requests from both defendants under certain conditions, including posting a bond and handing in their travel documents, as they awaited formal sentencing.

    MORE :

  14. Republicans Were Absolutely Disproportionately Impacted” – People’s Pundit Statistician Richard Baris Testifies that Election Day Chaos in Maricopa County Affected the Outcome
    By Joe Hoft
    Published December 22, 2022 at 12:00pm

    A star witness in Arizona dropped some bombs this morning in Arizona in the Kari Lake election case.

    Richard Baris said he believes that something systemic was going on during the Election in Maricopa on election day.

  15. reuters – EU should put Twitter under direct supervision after missteps: German official

    A senior German official said on Thursday Twitter should join other tech firms in being directly monitored by the European Commission, saying the company’s erratic behaviour under new owner Elon Musk posed a threat to free speech.

    Sven Giegold, the state secretary in charge of competition policy at Germany’s economy ministry, pointed to Twitter’s abrupt suspension of journalists’ accounts and restrictions on the access to some links.

    In a letter to two European Commissioners, Giegold called on the EU to launch an investigation and said the Commission should act to prevent what he called Twitter’s “anti-competitive behaviour”.

    Twitter did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The European Commission confirmed receiving the letter and said it would reply in due course, adding that it was following the developments at Twitter closely.

    “General terms and conditions that change almost every hour, erratic justifications for extensive restrictions on links and the blocking of journalists threaten freedom of competition and pose a risk to freedom of expression, information and the press,” Giegold wrote on Twitter, while sharing his letter.

    Musk on Tuesday said he was stepping down as Twitter chief executive.

    His $44 billion takeover in October has been marked by chaos and controversy. Changes in December to Twitter’s privacy policy and the suspension – and reinstatement – of journalists’ accounts drew condemnation from news organizations, advocacy groups and officials across Europe.

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government has previously said it was monitoring developments at the social media company with growing concern.

    German regulators are already pushing government institutions to stop posting announcements exclusively to privately-held platforms, touting alternatives like the fledgling decentralised social media network Mastodon.

    According to the Commission’s new regulations on digital markets, it will take over the supervision of large platforms such as Facebook and Google, Giegold said.

    “However, Twitter is not yet classified as a dominant digital platform, also because the company’s sales are still too low,” he said. “Nevertheless, Twitter exerts a great influence on shaping public opinion worldwide and also in Europe.”

    The European Commission also said that it was working quickly to implement the new regulations on digital markets, adding: “As regards Twitter and the latest developments: The power of the big platforms over public discourse needs necessary safeguards so that fundamental rights are effectively protected.”

    Echoing Giegold’s remarks, the Commission said that some companies could be classified as “gatekeepers” of information – and therefore fall under the Commission’s new regulations – “on the basis of a qualitative assessment, even if it does not meet the quantitative thresholds.”

  16. WAYNE ROOT: This Christmas, Understand and Appreciate that President Trump is our Braveheart
    By Assistant Editor
    Published December 22, 2022 at 1:00pm

    By Wayne Allyn Root

    I’ve said it before, let me say it again. History repeats, and those who fail to study history are destined to fail.

    I was working out in my gym the other day, watching one of my favorite movies of all-time, Braveheart. But this was the first time I watched Braveheart while experiencing this all-out, over the-top, DC Swamp, Deep State, globalist, communist and media attack against President Trump.

    I realized that we are watching history repeat. Braveheart is the story of America today- with the middle class fighting for its very survival…and one man standing in the way…Donald J. Trump.

    The plot of Braveheart is the story of Scotland’s 13 th century battle for freedom and self-determination against the powerful British empire. It’s the same battle America’s middle class is fighting today against the DC Swamp, Deep State and globalist organizations like the United Nations, World Economic Forum and Open Society Foundation.

    They’re all out to destroy America, American exceptionalism, capitalism and the great American middle class. They want one world government. They want us all to be serfs and slaves.

    The hero of Braveheart is Sir William Wallace, a passionate, enthusiastic, heroic, and principled leader and warrior. Wallace didn’t fight for personal gain. He fought only to achieve freedom for his people and he was willing to die for that cause.

    President Donald J. Trump is today’s embodiment of Sir William Wallace.

    Trump believes in cutting back the power of the corrupt DC Swamp and Deep State. He wants to give more power, freedom and opportunity to the people- and that scares the Swamp and Deep State to death.

    The evil villain of Braveheart is the King of England- Edward Longshanks. Today the embodiment of King Edward is this Biden administration- which is clearly run by Obama, back for his third term.

    I call this two-headed monster “O’Biden.”

    Just like King Edward. O’Biden believes the citizens money belongs to government. Just like King Edward, O’Biden believes every decision should be made by government, every conversation should be listened to, and the people’s rights and weapons must be confiscated as a threat to government’s rule.

    Just like a tyrant, this O’Biden administration uses the FBI to rig and steal elections. Just like a tyrant, this O’Biden administration uses the FBI to frame and raid political opponents- even the former president of the United States.

    Just like a tyrant, this O’Biden administration orders social media companies like Twitter and Facebook to censor, suspend and ban anyone who disagrees with their agenda. They even order the media to change the news feed- to suppress any negative stories about O’Biden’s corruption. Always remember this administration wanted the FBI to arrest PTA parents. Now they’ve added 87,000 new IRS agents to act as enforcers and intimidate the people.

    We give away $100 billion to Ukraine (the most corrupt country in the world) to protect their border from an invasion, while they leave our border open to an invasion of millions.

    Everyone Who Believes In God Should Watch This It Will Blow Your Mind
    You’ll Never Think About Solar Panels Again After Watching This
    It’s all lies, fake news, fraud and propaganda to sell our country to the highest bidder. Every bill they pass in DC is thousands of pages long- used to hide giveaways to the biggest DC Swamp donors….and of course, China. China owns O’Biden lock, stock and barrel. Name the three-letter government agency- DOJ, FBI, DHS, IRS, EPA, FDA- and it is at war with the people it is supposed to serve and protect. The “civil servants” have become our masters. We are the slaves.

    Like King Edward, OBiden’s every policy is aimed at creating a two-class society …leaving only the super-rich…and the masses (who live powerless in poverty and misery). Just like in Braveheart, the middle class doesn’t fit into the plans of a tyrant like O’Biden. The middle class isn’t easily bribed. They will stand and fight for things like God, country, Constitution, capitalism, American exceptionalism, and Judeo-Christian values. They are willing to die for those principles.

    Braveheart is like today’s America in one other important way. For hundreds of years the noblemen of Scotland sold out their own people for their own personal gain—titles of royalty, land, and fancy estates. The noblemen of Braveheart are embodied today by establishment GOP leaders in Washington, D.C.

    History repeats. It’s all happening today…in America. Trump is the only thing standing between us and them. Between freedom and serfdom.

    They only attack Trump. Not DeSantis. Not any other Republican. Just Trump. What does that tell you? Trump is taking our slings and arrows. He is being attacked from a thousand directions. He is being framed, demonized, slandered and destroyed. They want him in prison. The entire Deep State is assembled against him. Think what he faces every day. Think what he has given up. For us.

    This is a war to save the heart and soul of America- the great American middle class. Trump is our war general. Don’t let the conmen of the DC Swamp and Deep State turn you against Trump. Ever. He’s all we’ve got.

    This Christmas, please understand and appreciate that President Trump is our Braveheart.

  17. ABC News Journalist Breaks Her Silence, Reveals She Developed Heart Condition Due to Covid Vaccine
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 22, 2022 at 1:45pm

    A reporter for ABC News Australia has broken her silence after suffering a heart condition following receiving the COVID vaccination.

    Eleni Roussos, a journalist in the Darwin ABC newsroom and also the presenter of ABC’s flagship 7 PM News in the Northern Territory, revealed that she developed pericarditis after receiving her first dose of Pfizer Covid vaccine, describing it as “a living

    Koulla Roussos, Eleni’s sister, posted on Facebook last year to explain that Eleni had been hospitalized and diagnosed with pericarditis (inflammation of the outer lining of the heart) and hence was unable to attend the NT Media awards ceremony

  18. (Richard: This is the logical result of the ever increasing payroll costs. The companies have to keep the price of their product low enough to be sold while still making a profit. The obvious answer to I created payroll costs is fewer workers.)

    America’s First Fully Automated McDonalds Comes To Texas
    By ProTrumpNews Staff
    Published December 22, 2022 at 2:00pm

    Mcdonalds’ opened its first fully-automated restaurant in Texas.

    The food is still cooked by real people but the rest is fully automated.

    The Daily Mail reported:

    McDonald’s has opened up a fully-automated restaurant in Texas, which is completely run by machines so you don’t have to speak to anyone, and it has left people on the internet divided

    The brand-new eatery, located just outside Fort Worth, uses advanced technology so that customers can order their food and receive their meal without having to interact with any humans, and while some people are excited about the idea, others find it a little creepy.

  19. Pelosi Brags About Having “Awesome Power” in Her Last Weekly Press Briefing as Speaker (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila
    Published December 22, 2022 at 2:15pm

    Nancy Pelosi on Thursday gave her last weekly briefing as Speaker of the House.

    Pelosi bragged about how much power she wielded as Speaker

    It has always been about power for Nancy Pelosi.

    The country is worse off now after years of her ‘leadership

    A reporter gushed over Pelosi’s legacy and asked her how she will handle transitioning from Speaker to the next chapter.

    Pelosi bragged about having “awesome power” in her last remarks in her briefing

  20. Biden’s border crisis is fueling growing cartel armies – now armed to the teeth and rivaling Mexico’s military, warns TODD BENSMAN… so why is no one talking about this threat to American interests?
    By Todd Bensman For Dailymail.Com
    13:33 22 Dec 2022, updated 15:32 22 Dec 2022

    Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed The Greatest Border Crisis In U.S. History

    Todd Bensman is Senior National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies and author of ‘Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed The Greatest Border Crisis In U.S. History’

    For decades, illegal immigration amounted to a side hustle for Mexico’s ultra-violent cartel mafias that control all the southern border smuggling lanes into America.

    But no more.

    President Joe Biden’s election and America’s subsequent mass migration crisis has bestowed such fabulous riches upon these criminal organizations that traditional drug trafficking is no longer the only prize worth dying for.

    Nowadays, Mexican cartels are battling one another for control of an illegal immigrant smuggling boom. And the bonanza of illicit gains from it are being spent on growing and arming the ranks of the cartels’ paramilitary armies – creating a economic and national security threat to the United States.

    Yet, no one is talking about it.

    Reporting indicates that human smuggling became a multi-billion-dollar business in 2021 and in 2022 it may have even surpassed drug smuggling proceeds.

    No one knows exactely how much cartels really make, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) intelligence has taken stabs at it.

    One ICE estimate found that prior to 2018 human smuggling generated somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million a year. That revenue may have gone as high as $13 billion in 2021 alone. A lower ICE estimate pinned the revenues between $2 billion to $6 billion per year.

  21. Democrat Urges Two Liberal Supreme Court Justices To Retire – So They Can Be Replaced By Younger Versions
    By ProTrumpNews Staff
    Published December 22, 2022 at 3:00pm

    Liberals are worried about the Supreme Court.

    Ian Millhiser wrote in Vox about the possibility of Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan retiring early so to make sure that Republicans aren’t able to fill their seats.

  22. This Bill Will Make the Border Worse. It Will Make Crime Worse. It Will Make the Economy Worse. It Will Make Inflation Worse…” – President Trump on the $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill
    By Joe Hoft
    Published December 22, 2022 at 3:15pm

    These people don’t like us and they don’t like America.

    President Trump is right. He released a video only hours before the omnibus spending bill was voted on and encouraged Senators not to vote for the garbage budget nightmare.

    Mitch McConnell should be ashamed of himself and every Senator who voted for it. Three GOP Senators didn’t even show up to vote on the bill. What a disgrace.

  23. Oops! Katie Hobbs Witness Makes Case for Tossing Out Malfunctioning Tabulator Machines: “One of the Most Common Issues that Arises on Election Day Operations” (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 22, 2022 at 3:19pm

    Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs’ defense team accidentally made the case in court today for getting rid of the voting machines and hand-counting the votes.

    Their expert witness and leftist hack Kenneth Mayer admitted during testimony that tabulator malfunctions are, “One of the most common issues that arises in the work on Election Day operations… It can happen for reasons that are not anticipatable. It can be, sort of, machine breakdowns, or the sorts of things that are hard to predict.”

  24. Maricopa County Witness Is a Woke Professor Who Wasn’t in Maricopa County on Election Day and Who Based His Testimony on What the County Told Him
    By Joe Hoft
    Published December 22, 2022 at 3:45pm

    Maricopa County’s arguments in the 2022 election case with Kari Lake are falling apart. The truth hurts.

    The case in Maricopa County continues. One witness the County brought in to argue for the their side was Kenneth Mayer.


    Mayor argued that there was no evidence of voter disenfranchisement on election day.

    Kenneth Mayer, witness called by the Katie Hobbs team claims there is “no evidence” that voters abandoned their efforts to vote or large numbers were disenfranchised after encountering difficulties with tabulators on Election Day 2022 in Maricopa County.

  25. Early Vaccine Recipient Involved in the Vaccine Rollout Campaign Speaks Out – Reveals He Suffered Adverse Reaction – Exposes How Corporate America Colluded with the Government to Push Mandate (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 22, 2022 at 4:00pm

    Fearing for his children’s safety, a former Emergency Services Manager of a fully integrated steel company who suffered an adverse reaction to the COVID vaccine has broken his silence.

    “What made me decide to stand up and fight back after all of this? It wasn’t my deteriorating health it was my children. My son has autism, and schools got to violate his services in the name of “COVID,”” he wrote.

    Advertisement –

    Ryan Cunningham, who managed an emergency service department including an ambulance division, was one of the first people to get vaccinated before anyone else. He labeled himself as one of those “COVID Police.”

    He was involved in the marketing campaign that ultimately encouraged everyone to get vaccinated and he helped get early access to vaccination for the top executives and CEO of a Fortune 100 company.

  26. BREAKING: Arizona County Elections Director Scott Jarrett Admits in Court Printer Settings Were Switched on Election Day – IT WAS ON PURPOSE! (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 22, 2022 at 4:16pm

    One week ago, Maricopa County officials squirmed when Kari Lake’s team requested to inspect the Maricopa County ballots from Election Day.

    This was obvious at the time and Kari Lake’s team later tweeted out the video clip.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    NOW WE KNOW WHY– The Maricopa County team was afraid they would get caught intentionally using the wrong-sized ballots to sabotage Election Day.

  27. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Shady Democrat Operative Ryan Macias Testifies In Kari Lake’s Election Trial – DAMNING Evidence Against Him Presented During Cross-Examination – WATCH LIVE
    By Jordan Conradson
    Published December 22, 2022 at 4:30pm

    National Democrat operative Ryan Macias is being torn to pieces by Kari Lake’s attorneys during Lake’s historic election lawsuit trial.

    During his examination by Katie Hobbs’ attorneys, Macias was asked to provide whatever document he may be reading off of. Macias claimed he was not reading anything while speaking twice, but he clearly was as his eyes looked directly at the camera during questioning, and he looked to his right each time he gave a response.

    Advertisement – story continues

    The Gateway Pundit reported that Arizona Audit saboteur Ryan Macias will take the stand today in court. He was previously seen at the National Association of Secretaries of State along with Runbeck Election Service CEO Kevin Runbeck and staff for Katie Hobbs’ office.

  28. Florida Supreme Court Approves DeSantis’ Request to Impanel Grand Jury to Investigate Covid Vaccine Manufacturers
    By Cristina Laila
    Published December 22, 2022 at 4:45pm

    The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday approved Governor Ron DeSantis’ request to impanel a grand jury to investigate Covid vaccine manufacturers.

    “1. A statewide grand jury shall be promptly impaneled for a term of twelve calendar months, to run from the date of impanelment, with jurisdiction throughout the State of Florida, to investigate crime, return indictments, make presentments, and otherwise perform all functions of a grand jury with regard to the offenses stated herein. 2. The statewide grand jury shall be drawn from the certified jury lists submitted by the chief judges of the Fifth, Sixth, Tenth, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Judicial Circuits.” the order read.

      • Yeah, Russians are kinda critical of commentators they regard as gaga fanboys of Putin. That’s besides the legion of professional propagandists in the Western alt-media.

        Ritter and Macgreggor are regular features on Russian state media. Constant rosy scenario looks lame to those who know how to read between the lines.

        He’s mistaken in characterizing his critics as bitter or defeatist. Plenty of Russian armchair generals around the world, some of whom have considerable experience in the Russian army. And we have skin in the game.

        Putin’s judgement has not always been flawless, social media is hard to control, and the complaints have registered. Major course corrections continue to be made. Such domestic feedback – to the extent it’s tolerated – is relatively healthy.

  29. zero hedge – Eight Teen Girls Charged In Toronto Stabbing Death Likely Wanted Victim’s Bottle of Alcohol: Police

    […] it is believed the girls were trying to get a bottle of alcohol from the victim.
    “Eight young girls and most under the age of 16?—if this isn’t alarming and shocking to everyone, then we’re all in trouble quite frankly,” Browne told reporters.

    “I’ve been in policing for almost 35 years and you think you’ve seen it all,” Browne said.

    “Anyone who isn’t shocked with hearing something like this has clearly just thrown in the towel and just said that anything is possible in this world.”

    The girls made their first court appearance on Dec. 18 and have been remanded into custody. The next court date has been set for Dec. 29.
    […] the girls?—three aged 13, three aged 14, and two aged 16?—were allegedly in an earlier altercation in the area earlier in the evening of Dec. 17, around 10 p.m. Police said the girls met through social media and came from varying parts of the city.

    […]Police believe they all acted in unison.

    […]“They are all equally culpable,” he said. “There is no doubt in our minds that they were all working as a singular entity in a swarming mob mentality when they chose to attack this man.”

    “We don’t know how or why they met on that evening and why the destination was downtown Toronto,” said Browne.

    “We don’t know how long they’ve been acquainted.”


  30. While New Yorkers Suffer, Democrats In Albany Vote for 29% Pay Raise Making Them Highest Paid State Legislators In US
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published December 22, 2022 at 6:30pm
    1 Comment

    Americans across the nation are suffering under the Biden economy.

    Inflation is at 40-year highs. The markets are down significantly since last year. Interest rates are double what they were last year. Home sales are down 35% from last year.

    And New Yorkers, like most blue cities, are facing rising crime.

    And yet while New Yorkers are facing economic woes AND safety concerns, Democrats in the New York State Senate and Assembly have just voted for a 29% pay raise thanks to the taxpayers they are failing.

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