The rot and corruption and deception and contempt of the US (and probably most Western) governments have for their own people starts to stink up the joint: Links 1, December 21st, 2022

1. Elon Musk asks an important question to the Chair of the House Intel committee, who responds with a snark instead of an answer. Not just a snark, but a critical theory one, which itself is a demand to violate people’s first amendment rights. This is government in the US, and West in general today.

Of course its a dead cert that this is a trap. Elon wouldn’t have asked if he didn’t already know the answer. And the response Schiff gave didn’t deal with a crime. What Schiff likely did by suppressing 1st amendment rights, is.

2. Twitter files part VIII: How Twitter added the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp campaign

3. The Daily Mail writes up one aspect of this release of the Twitter Files thusly:

FBI paid Twitter $3.5M ‘to do its bidding’: Taxpayers’ money was used for ‘processing requests’ from the bureau amid Hunter Biden censorship scandal – as anger grows over secret state censorship of the American people

The FBI handed nearly $3.5 million of taxpayers money to Twitter to pay its staff to handle requests from the bureau as it sought to ban accounts.

A Twitter employee wrote in a February 2020 email that the company’s Safety, Content & Law Enforcement (SCALE) had ‘collected $3,415,323’ in less than two years from the FBI for ‘law-enforcement related projects.’

The email, which was revealed by journalist Michael Shellenberger, stated that SCALE had instituted a ‘reimbursement program’ in exchange for devoting staff hours to ‘processing requests from the FBI’.

(The article contains an image from Hunter’s laptop I hadn’t seen yet)

4. 60,000 Norwegians severely vaxx injured

5. Steve Turley on the military in Brazil and what could be a total military take over of that nation

Thank you all for staying with the heartbreak which is the emergent reality. But that which you cannot see you cannot fix.

If memory serves, and it often serves shrimp for desert, there is a line in the British TV series, I Claudius, where a character played by Patrick Stewart exclaims as he is being taken to prison, “You. emperor, remind us that the most important thing man possesses, is his sense of smell”.

Something very much like that.

I haven’t actually seen it since the 70s. But that line is going through my head a lot these days.

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  1. Dear Vlad, please get the DVDs of “I, Claudius”, before they disappear. It is one of the best British series ever, up there with the classic “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”.

  2. I think Patrick Stewart was playing the bad guy, Sejanus. I have the series on DVD. As a much older person now, I find I relish the cameo parts a great deal more than I could when young. I love Livia’s encounter with the chief vestal, who she plays like a violin, and the astrologer, who ages himself wonderfully.

  3. conservative tree house – Elon Musk Perplexed as Twitter Begins Widespread Suspensions of Accounts Critical of U.S. Funding for Ukraine and Zelenskyy Grift

    […]Against the backdrop of Twitter triggering suspensions and content removal for any account critical of U.S-Ukraine policy, apparently Elon Musk is perplexed about the system operators of his platform acting to support government and control public opinion.

    […]Either Elon Musk really doesn’t know who is operating his platform, or this is a very public exhibition of Mr Musk pretending not to know. You decide.

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