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3 Replies to “Dr. Chris Shoemaker predicted it, and now we are in it”

  1. Mel K & Dr. Fleming – 11-30-22 26: Warfare Bioweapon @ 26:51… if they build a weapon wouldn’t they have a way to treat it? Guess what they did. Beginning in 1985 they knew about a drug called Aloxistatin…

    VCICI Presentation in Clearwater, Florida
    DrRichardMFleming – Published September 16, 2022

    This is one of my presentations from the VCICI Conference in Clearwater, Florida 9 September 2022. During this presentation we talk about much of what is known and reveal a snippet of the information known by the federal government showing E64d (Aloxistatin) inhibits coronaviruses, reverses brain damage from prion and traumatic injury, and heart disease.
    Beginning @ 58:49 – Prion diseases. Why do I keep on mentioning that? What if there was such a drug? E64d Aloxistatin

  2. If Dr. Shoemaker needs a witness, I am available. I was a most extreme case of a live-or-die moment. And within five hours, my inhalation capability went from zero to fully restored.

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