Bankman-Fried arrested

I hope they have a decent AV guy checking the cameras outside his cell.

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  1. UKRAINE: Zelenski and the Congress politicos who dropped by for a few hours in Ukraine. Bankman did the same. Loads of laundered money might all tie in.

    Bankman knows too much. And he isn’t bright enough to testify without getting into trouble and bringing others along with him.

    I think this arrest is intended to train him to testify before Congress without getting anyone into trouble, except himself. It takes time to do so.

  2. What I find curious is the intellectual parental pedigree touted about this guy–genius IQ–maker of crypto, grillionaire extraordinaire, courted in the courts of kings by kings, himself the supposed architect of a massive ponzi, but then it collapses and the “cleaners” go in and: it’s all FAKE. How? How did it get so far and so big? How did it grow to where it was helping finance a war, the Democratic party, his parents, himself and an orgy of parasites far beyond the Bahamas?

    Had to be a team effort. Parents, politicians, bankers–start digging. Reverse engineer the construct. The insult to injury will be if this little pork chop is left to hang alone.

    • The real insult will be if he is allowed to go free because there is too much dirt under the DNC carpet that could be fatal to their combined interests. After, the parents of the spawn are both law professors…

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