Alberta MLA calls out Trudeau’s and extremist actions against the people of Canada and our liberties

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I would remind the MLA that during the BLM protests, a large number of major crimes did occur. Burning and looting and so on. We have lots of video, primarily from Montreal, but elsewhere in Canada and most certainly in the USA where killings were also done in the name of the Marxist organization, BLM. NONE of that took place during the Freedom Convoy.


Durham Police Constable Who Voiced Support for Freedom Convoy Demoted for Three Months

(And I’m quite sure all the police who took a knee to the corrupt and violent Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter, also received similar demotions and punishments. Just putting it out there before anyone starts justifying this punishment because you know, she was in uniform and blah blah blah.)

Durham Regional Police Constable Erin Howard has been demoted for three months after facing six disciplinary charges for voicing her support of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protest and speaking out against pandemic-related mandates while in uniform.

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    • A bit of solidarity with good Brazilians would go a long way right now. People marching in the streets in the U.S. and Canada against this stolen election would give strength to the Brazilian people, and reciprocal strength to our own plight, because they are the same.

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