Supreme Court case on objecting to trans surgeries to determine the future of freedom of speech

Canadian Supreme Court Battle: Help Protect Children Against Sexualization and Gender Ideology in Schools

(This is a big one. Please click through to RAIR Foundation for the explanation and a near complete set of videos. Here are a couple of them below with speeches about the surgical and chemical mutilation of children in the name of ‘gender identity’. But for the whole explanation of the supreme court case that will determine the standard of freedom of speech in Canada, please click through and read at RAIR.)

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  1. The following is related to the ongoing investigation into the validity of the invocation of Emergency Act in response to the Freedom Convoy.

    Even though Jeremy MacKenzie is a goof who made headlines when he got drunk and made a terrible joke about Pierre Poilievre’s wife, I’m going to stick my neck out and say a few words about his brainchild, Diagolon, which has been described as an extremist group during the E.A. hearings and by the msm.

    Diagolon is the creation of a comedian. It’s the punchline of a joke. It’s a meme. It’s the ridiculous name of a fictitious nation.

    It is humour that is unauthorized by the state.

    There is a possibility that the police have framed this comedian by placing an artificial Diagolon patch at the scene of a cache of guns near the Coutts Trucker blockade. The police may have literally made a false flag event out of a fake flag. The absurdity of this alleged fraud will likely make Jeremy Mackenzie famous, lol. Canadian comedy is back.

    See the proof in the link below,
    and be sure to check out his hilarious impression of Mike Myers as Dr Evil.

    A link to the segment of the EA hearing with a mention of Diagolon is below.

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