Dr. Kat Lindley speaks out on her testimony to the FDA on experimenting on babies: Links 1, June 20th, 2022

1. In our opinion, Senator Rand Paul asks the wrong question. He still got a Fauci weasel answer. But its the wrong question:

The right question would have included: “Or offered a position on the board of any company connected to the ‘vaccine’ makers in the next ten years’. That appears to be how Perdue Pharma managed to get to the FDA to get Oxycontin approved for moderate pain and created the opioid crisis in parts of the US some years ago. They offered certain government officials (deep state) positions on the board of Perdue with a high salary if they went along. In the case of Pfizer they probably have subsiduary companies where they could offer FDA and CDC officials what the MAFIA calls, ‘No show’ jobs on the board for a high salary on any of them.

2. Israel coalition agrees to dissolve, hold new elections

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office announced Monday that his weakened coalition will be disbanded and the country will head to new elections.

Bennett has struggled to keep his unruly coalition of eight parties together, and defections have left the crumbling alliance without a majority in parliament for over two months.

Bennett and his main coalition partner, Yair Lapid, decided to present a vote to dissolve parliament in the coming days, Bennett’s office said. Lapid is then to serve as caretakever prime minister.

The election, expected in the fall, would be Israel’s fifth in three years.

(Pray Bibi gets back in)

3. Dr. Kat Lindley was one of the doctors who gave testimony at the recent FDA hearings at which they approved giving a never before used, gene therapy to babies from 6 months to 5 years old. Rumour has it they are now shooting for three months old. Clearly they want no control group. The Amish had better keep a low profile. Below, an interview with Kat on her testimony and what she thinks of the FDA-CDC decisions.

4. Communism, like Islam, empowers the average person to destroy others, even kill them without due process, so long as it increases the power and ideology of the state/religion.

5. Another Ironic, “Died suddenly”

Thank you all for your kind attention to this site. We have a feeling that there will be some resistance to the totalitarian new world order Trudeau is rapidly implementing week by week. I believe C-11 has already passed the house, which censors Canadians on social media. But people are learning what is going on, and those that have the courage to learn what is up, do not like it.

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5 Replies to “Dr. Kat Lindley speaks out on her testimony to the FDA on experimenting on babies: Links 1, June 20th, 2022”

  1. ITEM 5:

    “I don’t want to be writing this, I want to stay in bed and just try and stop feeling the hurt but these are the unbearable painful logistics of dealing with sudden death.

    “I have no details yet of funeral arrangements. I will share them when I know more. It will be in Sydney.

    “We’re going through a lot so I’m asking for some space and privacy. I love you Darrell – you’ve always been my hero.”

    On Instagram, Ms King and Mr Clennar said they were heartbroken as they shared a photo of Mr Beveridge at their last show on June 11.

    “The joy, or what he would call ‘hot sauce’, that he brought to our lives has left a massive hole in our hearts,” they wrote.

    “After we finished our set, he said ‘that was f***** sick, I think that was the best show we have ever played’.”

    On one of his favourite pubs Instagram accounts, a Crickets Arms Hotel spokesperson wrote that there would always be a seat and cold Reschs waiting for Mr Beveridge.


  2. #5 It’s not funny that the comedian died suddenly. But his mockery of people who are skeptical of the experimental gene therapy was also not funny.

    There are three questions to consider before taking medication 1. Is it necessary? 2. Is it effective? and 3. Is it safe?

    It was learned very early on that young people and children were scarcely affected by this virus. Some argument could be made for older cohorts but the case for general inoculation of the population was never successfully made.

    By now, it’s clear that the inoculations do not protect against infection. That is, the inoculations are ineffective.

    Also clear by now is the correlation between the dates of widespread inoculation and the spike in death rates from all causes. This calls for a scientific analysis of the data. This treatment is very likely unsafe.

    So much for the obvious. What mystifies me is how self-righteous comedians like this person and others, e.g. Stephen Colbert, can think it funny to mock any individual’s logical decision. Weird!

    • Because they are pushing a narrative and intentionally attempting to replace reason and reality with state diktats. To disobey the state is to mock God if you are a leftist. The collective is everything. We should be grateful at this stage its just mockery. We know where this goes next.

      Even so, if Colbert got the real shots and not placebo or no shot at all, he should up his insurance. It seems like a lot of famous people who mercilessly insulted and mocked those who chose not to get the shots woke up dead from them.

  3. Right- thinking People will develop a code to mention things the fascists don’t want you to. Gays invented their own language in U.K. in the early 20th century to know who was one of them, and who could be trusted.

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