“Bill Gates tries to rebrand himself as reasonable”

Short, excellent and important. Kudos to The Fat Emperor. If Twitter hadn’t put me in Tweet jail for a week for saying true things about HCQ and Ivermectin, like they did to this doctor, and this fellow, I would put a nice comment under his tweet.

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One Reply to ““Bill Gates tries to rebrand himself as reasonable””

  1. VLAD: it’s not so bad, only one week suspension. I went through at least six months and I still don’t know why. Either one or all of issues: pro-Trump and/or pro-Ivermectin. When my account was reinstated, they didn’t tell me. I found out by surprise that I could tweet again.

    When my account was reinstated, I did mention many times how beneficial Ivermectin was in saving my life. I wasn’t banned. However, I always replaced one or two letters of the word with asterisks.

    The man, Bill Gates, has a special place in Hell that awaits him. All the money in the world won’t save him. As to Twitter staff, well… they surely must be Atheists.

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