Bacha Bazi comes to the West, and more: Links 1, June 9th, 2022

1. Another ‘Vaccine’ Side Effect: Cancerous Tumors at Injection Site

“Now doctors are saying that COVID-19 vaccines cause cancer, and not just at the site of injection, but throughout the body due to toxic spike proteins that travel to cleansing organs.”

According to pediatricians, military, and veterinarians, it is not uncommon for sarcoma tumors to develop at the injection site of a vaccine, in both humans and pets, whether the injection is in the shoulder, thigh, or elsewhere.

As Natural News reports, normal cell growth is disrupted by deadly toxins used in manufacturing vaccines, including genetically engineered viruses, engineered bacteria, and various toxic additives and emulsifiers used to stimulate immune responses. These cancerous lesions would have roots that grow in depth over time, making it more difficult for surgeons to remove them safely. –

2. The Afghans have a little cultural practice called ‘Bacha Bazi”. It is where little boys are made to dress up like girls and perform for older men. At some point they are used for sexual gratification of those older men. Often, the boys are shot in the back to death if they try to escape. This happened when they were kept at Afghan police stations, by the police. Any American soldier that voiced an objection faced discharge under Obama.

Now its come to the West but in a slight variation:

3. I hear a lot of talk about this guy in protest circles. I have no idea what the back story is, if any. But he has generated enough buzz that its worth a look. Opinions and insights appreciated.

4. ZERO hospitalizations or ICU admissions for the people who have actually recieved zero doses of the clot shot gene therapy. Not the people who had shots and went in before the two weeks, Pfizer con, but people who really did not get any shots.

5. In Boston, ‘radical anti-Zionists’ placing targets on the bodies of local Jews

Boston Jews say a pro-Palestinian group’s map of local ‘Zionist leaders and powerhouse NGOs’ is a guide to antisemitism.

A Jewish arts group. A Jewish high school. A Jewish newspaper. A synagogue network. A major Jewish philanthropy that directs funds to mental health, homelessness prevention and refugee resettlement initiatives.

These are a few of the locations on a dense interactive map of “Zionist leaders and powerhouse NGOs” in Massachusetts created by an activist group that says it aims to expose “local institutional support for the colonization of Palestine” and reveal how support for Zionist causes is a nexus point for various “other harms” in society, ranging from gentrification to the prison-industrial complex to ableism.

The Mapping Project, a Boston-area pro-Palestinian activist collective aligned with the local Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel, is using its map (which includes addresses of the organizations and names of their staffers) to draw literal links between dozens of area Jewish groups, universities, foundations, police departments and other organizations.

Thank you all for your choice to spend time and energy contributing to this site, and considering its approach to the war between the imposed pseudo-reality being forced on us all, the remembrance of actual reality as we all knew it for thousands of years of human history.

Although I am not a sports aficionado, It does seem fitting that the professional NFL football team in Washington DC will from now on be known as the Washington Commies. Thats the price of submitting to political correctness.

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