Registered Nurse speaks at Parliament Hill, May 28th, 2022

This is one video of four posted at RAIR foundation of the small but interesting protest on Parliament Hill last Saturday, May the 28th. Please click over to RAIR for all the videos and Madeline’s excellent write up of the event.

Rumour has it, the protest this coming Saturday, June the 4th will be larger. The only way we can get rid of Trudeau and the other actual fascists running Canada is to take to the streets. They did it in Egypt twice in a year. But it takes protesting by the millions and every day shutting the country down in the process, till the army and police realize which way the Derecho is blowing.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this video of a Registered Nurse from last Saturday at Parliament Hill.

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  1. That was great!
    Thank you, Eeyore.
    I especially liked the part where she said about Trudeau, “If we’re not free you’re not free.”

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