Tucker Carlson: Exposing RI bill to tax the unvaxxed

Last night Tucker Carlson had on a Rhode Island activist who actually found the secret bill the state legislature was planning to pass, which would levy taxes on people and children as young as ten, for not taking the experimental gene therapy mRNA injections.

Please watch this segment and take note how deceptive and anti-constituent, and for that matter, how unconstitutional and illegal this ‘law’ would be. Because its coming to a jurisdiction near you if its not already there.

Below, the entire show.

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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson: Exposing RI bill to tax the unvaxxed”

  1. Does anyone remember when Justin Trudeau said he was watching closely Quebec Premier Legault’s statement to the effect he was looking for a way to tax the unvaxxed? Maybe a monthly tax? And it would be “significant”, he said. And most people agreed with it.

    In view of the high number of vaxxed people who will keep on wearing the face mask even if it is no longer mandated… Scary stuff, indeed.

  2. as a Rhode Islander the irony I spoke with my doctor about getting an exemption letter because of my allergies to virtually everything especially medications not anti just unable and she told me the lifespan group prohibited all their doctors from writing exemption letters….. soooooo where are my 3 letters coming from when all my doctors are under lifespan? its such a sad sad joke and extremely unamerican. “Things are looking up” lets stab everyone

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