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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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      • I think there was about 8 lassies where there not? Some of them were probably females. No?

        I know there was a dozen Hammie Hamsters cause they kept getting cooked by the lights they needed in the days of 1960s TV cameras.

        Still not as bad as what Disney did to the Lemmings to start that stupid cliff story.

  1. Calling the Shots: Dr. Bryan Ardis Believes Pope Francis Is Behind Covid and the Jabs

    He begins talking about who he believes is behind the covid plandemic in the @ 37th min.

    He says he has been paying attention to what they have been saying, no bible references at all. These are things I have shown for the past 2+ years now.

    This is what the threat is to us all.

    PC , Vlad, let me know what you think. I have been so busy, have not been here for awhile now, maybe someone already posted it.

  2. Priest attacked with knife in Nice, France
    A man decribed as mentally unstable attacked a priest with a knife in a church in Nice, southern France, officials said on Sunday.
    Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on his Twitter feed the priest’s life was not in danger and added that police had arrested the attacker. The assault came as France was voting in the second round of presidential elections.
    Nice mayor Christian Estrosi said the attacker was mentally unstable, had no criminal record and was known to have purchased a knife several days earlier. BFM TV quoted police as saying the attacker was a 31-year-old French man and there was no suspicion of a terror motive.
    Local lawmaker Eric Ciotti said the priest, named as Father Christophe, had been stabbed several times in the Saint-Pierre d’Arene church in Nice. He said a nun had been hurt in the arm as she snatched the knife from the attacker.

  3. EU sets new online rules for Google, Meta to curb illegal content

    Under the Digital Services Act, tech giants face fines up to 6% of global turnover for violating rules; repeated breaches could see them banned from doing business in the EU

    Alphabet unit Google, Meta and other large online platforms will have to do more to tackle illegal content or risk hefty fines under new internet rules agreed between European Union countries and EU lawmakers on Saturday.

    The agreement came after more than 16 hours of negotiations. The Digital Services Act (DSA) is the second prong of EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager’s strategy to rein in Alphabet unit Google, Meta and other US. tech giants

    Last month, she won backing from the 27-country bloc and lawmakers for landmark rules called the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that could force Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta and Microsoft to change their core business practices in Europe.

    “We have a deal on the DSA: The Digital Services Act will make sure that what is illegal offline is also seen and dealt with as illegal online – not as a slogan, as reality,” Vestager said in a tweet

    EU lawmaker Dita Charanzova, who had called for such rules eight years ago, welcomed the agreement. “Google, Meta and other large online platforms will have to act to better protect their users. Europe has made clear that they cannot act as independent digital islands,” she said in a statement.

    In a statement, Google said: “As the law is finalised and implemented, the details will matter. We look forward to working with policymakers to get the remaining technical details right to ensure the law works for everyone.

    Under the DSA, the companies face fines up to 6% of their global turnover for violating the rules while repeated breaches could see them banned from doing business in the EU.

    The new rules ban targeted advertising aimed at children or based on sensitive data such as religion, gender, race AND POLITICAL OPINIONS . Dark patterns, which are tactics that mislead people into giving personal data to companies online, will also be prohibited.

    Very large online platforms and online search engines will be required to take specific measures during a crisis. The move was triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the related disinformation.

    The companies could be forced to hand over data related to their algorithms to regulators and researchers.

    The companies also face a yearly fee up to 0.05% of worldwide annual revenue to cover the costs of monitoring their compliance.

    EU lawmaker Martin Schirdewan criticised the exemption granted to medium-sized companies.

    “Under pressure from the conservatives, an exception rule for medium-sized companies was integrated, this is a mistake. Due to the large number of companies that fall under this definition in the digital sector, the exception is like a loophole,” he said.

    The DSA will be enforced in 2024.

  4. BBC – UKRAINE – Mariupol steelworks: Video appears to show children in Azovstal bunker

    Ukraine’s Azov regiment has posted a video showing women and children purportedly sheltering underground at the Azovstal plant – the last part of Mariupol not under Russian control.

    Women and children in a crowded room can be heard saying they are running out of food and water, and pleading to be evacuated from the southern city.

    Some say they have seen no daylight for weeks, having been there from February.

    The BBC has not verified the video, believed to be filmed on 21 April.

    […]What is seen in the Azov video?

    The footage was posted online on 23 April.

    The Azov regiment, which was originally a far-right group that was later incorporated into Ukraine’s National Guard, says it shows its fighters delivering food and other aid to women and children in one of the Azovstal underground bunkers.

    Big signs reading “Children” in red paint are seen on the walls leading to the room. One woman, who is not named, is heard saying more than 15 children – from babies to those aged 14 – are “sheltering” there.

    Another unnamed woman is seen on camera telling how she has been sheltering since 25 February – the second day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    One of the children, a girl, says she left her house together with her mother and grandmother on 27 February.

    “We haven’t seen the sky or the sun since. We want to get out of here very much. We want it to be safe for us, so no-one is hurt, and then live in safety.”

    The girl says she wants to be able to go to the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, where one of her brothers has managed to escape to from Kharkiv – a heavily-bombed city in the north-east.

    “I want to get out… to be in safety. I don’t want to risk getting out only to be hit by bomb fragments, for example,” she adds.

  5. NEWSWEEK – Video Shows Children Trapped in Ukraine’s Azovstal Steel Plant: Soldiers

    A new video out of Mariupol, Ukraine, claims to show numerous refugeechildren still stuck in the basement of a steel mill as evacuation efforts struggle to continue.

    The video, shared to Twitter on Saturday morning by independent Ukraine-born journalist Oliya “Scootercaster,” purportedly shows Ukrainian soldiers descending into the basement of the Azovstal steel mill. Passing numerous refugees on the way, the soldiers eventually reach the bottom where they show the large number of children still holed up in the makeshift shelter. Some women in the video claim that they have been sheltering in the mill for around two months.

    Several hours after being shared, the video had been viewed nearly 16,000 times. The video was allegedly filmed by members of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, NBC News reported. Newsweek has been unable to independently verify the video.

    Efforts to evacuate civilians out of the embattled city of Mariupol through humanitarian corridors have struggled in recent days. On Wednesday, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk confirmed that the day’s planned evacuation had been called off, citing Russia’s inability to control its forces.

    […]Zelensky has estimated that around 1,000 refugees are still seeking shelter in the mill, which covers an area of around four square miles,


    the guardian – Women and children beg for help in video from besieged Mariupol steel factory

    Food and water running out in Azovstal stronghold as Ukraine says mass graves seen on satellite near city could hold 9,000 civilian dead

    A video has emerged from inside the besieged Azovstal steel factory in Mariupol showing women and children who say they are “running out of strength” and need to be urgently evacuated to Ukrainian-controlled territory.

    The film was recorded on Thursday. The women say 15 children are living in tunnels beneath the plant, ranging in age from babies to teenagers. They are trapped together with their families and other civilians, including factory workers.

    […]Food and water are almost finished, the woman said, with people “on the edge of hunger”. “All the provisions we brought with us are running out. Soon we won’t even have enough food for the children.”

    She added: “We are here and need help. We are at the epicentre of events and we can’t get out. My child needs to be evacuated to a peaceful area and others too. We beg for guarantees of safety for our kids.”

    […]The sprawling factory is a base for Ukraine’s Azov battalion, a part of the national guard, which shot the video.

    […]Under cover of darkness, Ukrainian forces managed to deliver weapons to the encircled soldiers via helicopter, Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the national security and defence council said,

    ( 10 min 13 )

  6. Ottawa Citizen – Retired Canadian lieutenant-general under police investigation for alleged sexual misconduct is now in Ukraine

    A retired Canadian Forces lieutenant-general under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct is now in Ukraine.

    Trevor Cadieu left the Canadian military on April 5, according to the Department of National Defence. He travelled to Ukraine shortly after with the intention to volunteer for that country’s military which is battling a Russian invasion, multiple defence sources confirmed to this newspaper.

    The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service which is investigating Cadieu originally had difficulty contacting the retired lieutenant-general but has since established communication with him.

    Senior Canadian military leaders were briefed about Cadieu’s decision to travel to Ukraine, according to sources.

    Cadieu did not respond to requests for comment from this newspaper.

    But Cadieu’s alleged victim said she cannot believe that an individual under police investigation was allowed to leave the country. “I find it shocking,” the woman, who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution, said in an interview with this newspaper Thursday. “What is going on here?”

    She alleged the Canadian Forces hid Cadieu’s retirement from the public. That retirement was only revealed by CBC on Wednesday.

    Cadieu has strenuously denied any wrongdoing. The investigation into Cadieu centres around his and another officer’s alleged actions at the Royal Military College in 1994.

    Cadieu, in a statement to the CBC, portrayed his decision to retire from the Canadian military as being for the best. “I have opted to release (from the Canadian military) and am exploring other opportunities to contribute to the greater good,” he noted.

    DND spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said Cadieu’s release from the military followed proper procedures. “As he is now a private citizen, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further on his personal plans,” he added.

    The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service released a statement noting that “ member’s release has no bearing on investigative work, nor does their personal travel. As the investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.”

    Cadieu was to have taken over command of the Canadian army last September but that was derailed after military police began an investigation into what they termed “historical allegations.”

    Cadieu is a popular army officer and the police investigation into his actions has prompted social media comments of support for him.

    In contrast, his alleged victim has faced comments posted online about her mental state and her alleged motives. Similar comments have been made during official meetings at the Department of National Defence headquarters, this newspaper has confirmed through multiple defence sources.

    The woman said she is still trying to deal with the “institutional betrayal” she has faced from the Canadian Forces and DND. She pointed out that DND and the military originally distributed Cadieu’s statement to national news outlets in which he denied any wrongdoing. She took that as the military and DND leadership officially indicating their support for the lieutenant-general despite an ongoing investigation.

    Foreign volunteers have flocked to Ukraine to help that country battle invading Russian forces. Ukraine has limited its acceptance of personnel to those with military experience.

    Cadieu deployed to Bosnia in 1997 as well as Afghanistan in 2002 and 2006-2007.

    Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has warned that any Canadian fighting for Russia will face severe consequences.

    But the Liberal government has allowed Ukraine to actively recruit retired military personnel in Canada. Defence Minister Anita Anand has said the Liberal government views it as a personal choice if a Canadian wants to fight for Ukraine. But she has noted the situation in Ukraine is extremely dangerous. “It is certainly their own individual decision as to whether they wish to do so,” said Anand. “My responsibility, our responsibility as the Canadian government, is to make sure everyone knows that the situation in Ukraine is extremely dangerous, extremely concerning and that’s the information we are providing.”

    Russia has labelled such volunteers as mercenaries. It has captured a number of foreign soldiers but it is unclear what will become of those individuals.

    In a July 11, 2021 email to his alleged victim, Cadieu acknowledged the harm he had caused her. Cadieu wrote that Chief of the Defence Staff Wayne Eyre had been informed by other officers about the victim’s allegations. “The CDS can’t ignore what he’s been told,” Cadieu wrote to the woman, a former Canadian Forces member. “Naturally, as painful as it is to write this, the CDS needs to makes (sic) decisions about my ability to continue to serve.”

    Cadieu asked the woman if she would be willing to meet him in what he called a “facilitated engagement.”

    “I’m not looking to challenge your claim,” Cadieu wrote to the woman. “It would allow me to acknowledge what you’ve endured and any harm I’ve caused in your life.”

    In a previous interview with this newspaper, the alleged victim said she had been trying to move on with her life and originally had no intention to go to military police.

    But when the alleged victim received the unsolicited messages from Cadieu and from another officer questioning what she intended to do about the allegations, she said she felt bullied and decided to contact an official in Eyre’s office. According to the alleged victim, that was done July 14, in a phone call that lasted several hours involving an official in Eyre’s office. The woman said her intention at that time was not to file a formal complaint against Cadieu but to raise her concerns about the officer since he was being considered as the new army commander.

    The alleged victim later learned that Eyre was proceeding anyway to install Cadieu as the new head of the army. As a result, the woman went to the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service on Sept. 4, 2021 to provide a statement and file a complaint against Cadieu.

    The Canadian Forces and DND insist that Eyre was never informed of any issues about Cadieu until his meeting with military police in September. Once he was told of the allegations on Sept. 5, then Eyre acted immediately, according to the DND.

    Last year, this newspaper asked Cadieu to comment on his July 11 message to the alleged victim in which he informed her the chief of the defence chief had been told of the allegations. In addition, Cadieu was asked to comment on his message to the alleged victim that he had no intention of challenging her claim.

    Cadieu responded to this newspaper that, “the information in your email to me contains inaccuracies and, to the best of my knowledge, is unrelated to the allegation that the NIS is investigating, which I learned about on September 5, 2021. At this time, it is important for all involved to respect the investigative procedures and allow due process to occur.”

  7. Putin attends Orthodox Easter service in Moscow
    by Kane – April 24, 2022

    “Conservative shouldn’t be fooled by Vladimir Putin, he isn’t fighting globalism” by Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent – April 12, 2022


    The New Green Order

    As can be deduced from his book The Search for a New Beginning, Gorbachev was one of the first and most prominent promotors of the new “Green” order. Disarmament and “green” politics had already been used by the USSR to weaken their opponents. This seems to be continuing in Russia today.

    So-called “ecology” or environmentalism was, in fact, first launched and supported by the USSR, and it should be noted that it has spiritual objectives: it makes “Nature” and “Mother Earth” the divinities that must be honored in our “Common Home.” This is made very clear in The Search for a New Beginning, which reads like a plea for an errant new Genesis. The idea of a revised Genesis, breaking away from God and focused on a pantheistic ideal, is common in this school of thought.

    Incidentally, environmentalism and the switch to so-called sustainable energy is what had made Germany profoundly dependent on Russian gas and petrol these last few years, creating ideal conditions for Russia to invade Ukraine.

  8. Majid Rafizadeh:
    Why Is the Biden Administration Determined to Help Terrorist Iran Get a Bomb?

    Why would any administration in its right mind permit an official state sponsor of terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran, to have nuclear weapons, as well as billions of dollars that will assuredly not be used for a “GI Bill for returning members of the Revolutionary Guard”?

    Just this week, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan called Iran, a “sponsor of terrorism.”

    With Biden’s deal, restrictions on the regime’s nuclear program would be lifted only two years after the agreement is signed, permitting the regime to enrich uranium at any level it desires and spin as many uranium enrichment centrifuges as it wants.

    Astonishingly, Russia will be trusted to be the country that stores Iran’s enriched uranium, and Moscow will get paid for this mission. More uranium for Russia? How nifty: maybe Putin can use it for his next “Ukraine” — in Poland, Sweden or France?

    The new deal will not address Iran’s ballistic missile program, meaning that the Tehran regime will continue attacking other nations with its ballistic missiles, provide missiles to its proxy militias in other countries, and advance the range of its intercontinental ballistic missiles to reach the US territories. Iran could even use shorter-range ballistic missiles to reach the US, perhaps launched from Venezuela or Cuba, where Iran is already deeply entrenched.

    To meet the Iranian leaders’ demands, the new deal will most likely include removal from the terrorist list of the IRGC, which has killed countless Americans, both on American soil and off.

  9. New State Department Report Admits Iran May Be Hiding Nuclear Activities

    The Biden administration has “serious concerns” about “possible undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran,” according to an annual report the State Department released on Tuesday.

    The administration’s admission that Tehran continues to stonewall inspectors and conceal its nuclear activities shows why it would be a serious mistake to revive a weaker version of the 2015 nuclear deal, whose verification and enforcement mechanisms were already deficient.

  10. just fyi:
    Any media org that calls itself some variation of “stop the war” or “antiwar anything” is Russia. (Qatar has grown in the sponsor business, following the venerable Russian model. So look for the MB/Iran-angle)

    Columnists sometimes use the same names as they peddle anti-American, antisemitic features meant to appeal to the conservative Western demographic. They link to each other on blogs, twitter, telegram. Their take is just as selective, just as distorted as anything on CNNMSNNBCNYTMOUSE…

    Example: Shadia Edwards-Dashti just quit her job at RT to protest the invasion of Ukraine. Now she’s working for STC – “Stop the War Coalition”. Paid from the same wallet.

    They’ll touch all the sweet spots for gullible readers who think they’re smart because they’ve seen through legacy MSM. What they don’t realize is that these Russian-funded operatives are ALSO legacy (from 1917) and ALSO mainstream, just different source waters. Choreographed, loyal to the party line, paid to make talking points palatable. And often _very_ high quality.

    Jamie Glazov noticed something that’s been distressing me lately. Conservatives looking at Putin as Savior. He’s calling it Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe he’s right, he’s one of the very best analysts in this field.

    They may have entered hive mind through the portal of these disingenuous alt-right media vehicles. If you try to disabuse a Putin-groupie on even a high quality platform like CTH, you’re a Russophobe. It generates energy now being displaced from the mask/vaxx war. This is not wholesome.

  11. Girl finds rare ancient fork at 1,500-year-old dig site near Sea of Galilee

    An elaborate earing and a very rare bronze fork were recently discovered at the archaeological excavation site of an ancient Jewish village near the Sea of Galilee.

    The findings were made by members of the public at Korazim National Park, located a few kilometers north of the freshwater lake. The park houses the remains of a Jewish town estimated to be around 1,500 years old, from the Talmudic period.

    In recent years the park has hosted activities allowing the general public to take part in work to uncover the village, and during the Passover holiday many families took part in work at the remains of a residential building.

    “One of the girls called to me and said she’d found something interesting,” said dig overseer Ahia Cohen-Tavor. “I didn’t know what to expect because there are many surprises when you dig. But I didn’t expect this at all — a fork! I’d never seen a fork at digs, or in the professional literature. Sometimes you find simple iron knives, but utensils are generally very rare.”

    Cohen-Tavor said archaeologists believe this is because the most commonly used utensil was wooden spoons, and these did not survive.

    “I checked with other archaeologists and they’ve never found a fork either,” he said.

    He added that the fork was decorated in a complicated technique that indicated it was a very valuable possession.

    “As we continue the dig in this room we will try to understand what the room was used for and why the fork was found specifically there.”

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