All things Russia Vs Ukraine for March 15, 2022

1. Tucker Carlson opener for March 14, 2022. Recommended.

2. This will be a long term conflict

3. Bitchute video on the faked pro-Ukraine news

4. This is interesting. It also raises the question, why are Russian billionaires who use their money, power, and influence to shape events and culture in ways the public would never want if they had any choice called “oligarchs” but when western billionaires who do the exact same thing like Bill Gates and George Soros do it, they are called, “philanthropists”?

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  1. I am now against all vaccines.
    It’s true, they give the same dose to everybody regardless of weight. That, alone, makes you think.
    When I use to take the annual flu shot, they never asked me how much I weighed. That could explain why I would always be sick with the Flu, back then. One week with real Flu symptoms that showed up some two months later.

    • Tomorrow, Wednesday, he’ll be addressing the members of Congress. He’s on his Goodbye Tour to ensure the $Billions in promised aid, of which cash, will be delivered. This war is almost over.

      The comedian-actor wanted to play with Big Boys, get all the perks, and he got had. Sadly, his citizens and nation paid the price. That’s my opinion.

  2. Zelensky accuses NATO of being ‘hypnotised’ by Russian aggression

    In a video call to Boris Johnson and representatives from the Joint Expedition Force countries gathered in Lancaster House, Zelensky accused NATO of being ‘hypnotised’ by Russian aggression.

  3. VICE NEWS – Zelenskyy Predicts Putin Will Negotiate: ‘I Think He Sees That We Are Strong’

    Ben C. Solomon speaks exclusively with Zelenskyy in Kiev.

    • I can’t watch these. Tomorrow’s a fast day, can’t risk a[nother] VOMIT seizure tonight.

      Is he saying he’ll do the right thing, the noble compromise? Opt for the Two-State-Solution?

      ~~ Two states living side-by-side, in peaceful harmony~~

  4. DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – NATO begins ‘Cold Response 22’ military drills in Norway

    More than 30,000 NATO troops will begin military drills in Norway today as part of a long-planned exercise.

    NATO’s so-called “Cold Response 22” drills are held every two years and bring together troops from over 25 countries.

    The exercises last for two months and test their ability to operate in cold weather environments.

    The drills come at a time of heightened tension for NATO members, as Russia broadens its offensive in Ukraine.

  5. DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – “Russia uses religious sentiments to support political crusades”

    Russian Patriarch Kirill, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, has spoken of Russia’s opponents as ‘evil forces,’ portraying Ukraine as a nation succumbing to ‘sinful Western practices,’ such as gay pride parades.

    The church’s close ties to the Kremlin have been essential to getting the public to rally behind the war effort, says DW’s religious affairs analyst Martin Gak.

    Meanwhile, in Ukraine, some 30 million orthodox Christians are split between a self-governing church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church which is part of the Moscow Patriarchate. But since the invasion, the rival leaders have been united in their condemnation of Russia.

    Ukraine is also home to 4.5 million catholics, who are looking to the head of their church to wage peace. A Vatican official has said Pope Francis would be willing to facilitate dialogue in the Ukraine conflict. But while the pontiff has called it a ‘war which sows death, destruction and misery’ – he has neither named Vladimir Putin as the aggressor, nor appealed to Kirill to intervene on the side of peace.

  6. yahoo – Fears three British ex-special forces troops killed by Russian attack in Ukraine

    Fears that three British ex-special forces troops have been killed by a Russian attack in Ukraine are being investigated.

    UK authorities are investigating reports that three Britons were among dozens killed in a missile strike close to the Ukrainian border with Nato member Poland on Sunday, in the most westerly attack yet by Russian forces.

    There has been no official confirmation of their deaths.

    More than 30 missiles targeted a training facility in Yavoriv, less than 15 miles from the Polish border, according to the governor of Ukraine’s western Lviv region. More than 130 people were injured.

    However a source told the Daily Mirror that there were “many more killed within the site than has been claimed” and that the three men who reportedly died had not been part of a foreign fighters unit that was being trained at the International Centre for Peacekeeping and Security.

    The UK Ministry of Defence said it could only comment on cases involving military personnel.

    […]In Moscow, defence ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said Russia had used high-precision, long-range weapons to strike Yavoriv and a separate facility in the village of Starichi.

    “As a result of the strike, up to 180 foreign mercenaries and a large amount of foreign weapons were destroyed,” he claimed.

    Senior Defense Official Holds a Background Briefing, March 14, 2022

    […]So obviously, you guys have all — you reported and noted the — the — the long-range fires on the Yaroviv (sic) training facility out near Lviv. Much of this is already out there but just to level set, we assess that this was a cruise missile — air launched cruise missile strike and only an air launched cruise missile strike, using more than, I would say — I — more than a couple dozen cruise missiles, which has damaged at least seven structures — it could be more.

    We cannot give you a BDA, we cannot verify the numbers of killed and wounded that have been reported out there, but that — that’s the — the best we can do. I would note that — that — and our — our assessment is that all these air launched cruise missiles were launched from long range bombers — Russian long range bombers from Russian airspace, not from inside Ukrainian airspace.

    And — and again, you know, the — for — for the advocates of a no-fly zone, I mean, this is an example of what — how — a no-fly zone inside Ukraine would have had no effect on this particular set of strikes.

    So that takes us around the clock and I think it brings you up to speed on — on what we’ve seen over the course of the weekend.

    And I think that’s it, so we’ll go to the questions. Lita?

    Q: Thanks. Two things.

    One, on (inaudible), can you tell us whether they’re — how critical that — the strikes were there? Does that impede any ability by the West to get military equipment etcetera to the Ukrainians or — and — and just to confirm — are — there are no — was there any at all training going on there that you’re aware of Ukrainian forces?

    […]On Yaroviv (sic), there were — I — I can’t speak for what the Ukrainian military was doing. It is a training facility largely and if — if the Ukrainians’ Armed Forces were training there or doing some sort of training, I mean, they — they can speak to that.

    We, the United States, we’re not involved in any training at Yaroviv (sic). After we redeployed our — the Florida National Guard — and this was, as you know, several weeks ago — there — there is –– there was no U.S. military personnel at Yaroviv (sic), there were no U.S. contractors at Yaroviv (sic), there were no U.S. civilians, in — in a government capacity, at Yaroviv (sic).

    It was a — it was a Ukrainian-only facility at that point, at least in terms of our understanding. I can’t speak for other nations and whether other nations may have had people there but the United States didn’t.

    And it was not — I — I — I — again, we’re — I — I’m going to be really careful, as I have been, about talking about the — the — the way security assistance is getting into Ukraine. I would just tell you that the — the strikes on Yaroviv (sic) will not affect that — that effort, and I think I need to leave it at — at that.

    I would — the only other thing I’d say is, so you don’t think I’m being cute by half, you would be wrong if you reported that — that in hitting Yaroviv (sic), the Russians were hitting some sort of trans-shipment site for security assistance. That would be a wrong conclusion, just to level set there

    […]Q: So on the — the Yavoriv strike, you said there were no U.S. soldiers or contractors or civilians in governmental capacity. As far as you know, were there any U.S. civilians who volunteered to fight in Ukraine who were killed or injured? And did you say that there were no security assistance in that — in that base? Thank you.

    SENIOR DEFENSE OFFICIAL: I did say that, yeah, I — I — I — that — that Yavoriv is not — wasn’t being used for security assistance purposes. And on U.S. civilians that made — that — that — that were — that might have been there, I — I don’t know, Fadi. I — we would not have a way of knowing that or tracking that.
    What I can tell you is there was no U.S. military there. There was no U.S. contractors there. There were no U.S. civilian government workers there. We had moved everybody out. But I can’t speak for whether or not American citizens went there for other purposes. I — I — we would not have visibility on that.


    FOX News – Russian strike near Poland reveals this about their strategy

  7. As was true with the Coof (aka, Covid, Covid-19, Sars-CoV2) it is clearly evident that it is nearly impossible to get at any sort of “ground-truth” with regards to the Ukraine-Russian war. I find myself listening to both sides of the debate, and then trying to seek-out more objective sources (which are few and far between) to construct some sort of internal “model” of my best guess as to what’s going on.

    The deep-state/Soros/WEF goon squad pumps in metric crap-tons of ridiculous narratives – Zelensky is Churchill/George Washington,/et al; Ukraine is a bastion of “democracy”; Putin is responsible for everything from the Trump 2016 election to toenail fungus, etc.; Anyone who disagrees with the official narrative is a despicable traitor worthy of imprisonment/death, or at least, total cancellation.

    On the other side we have the apologists. Putin is fighting the deep-state/Soros/WEF cabal; Putin was unfairly provoked; Ukraine and Zelensky are deep-state stooges and Putin is trying to save us all; *Everything* we see on Ukraine is a lie; Russia is not committing war crimes, this is propaganda; Russian just wants to kick the globalists out of Ukraine and get rid of those bio-labs and then he’s done; etc.

    The reality I believe is far more complex. Yes, WEF/globalist POSs ARE trying to leverage this crisis to further their control over the populace. But Putin is also an ambitious “grievance monkey” who thinks all of Russia’s (and the former Soviet Union’s) problems were caused by the West – not their sh*ty totalitarian system. Both nations are corrupt and led by unsavory people. Both nation’s lie (as do our Western governments).

    Putin is not nearly as concerned about those “bio-labs” as he is about gaining undisputed control over Ukraine. At a minimum, his goal is to neutralize any Western influence in what he sees as a strategic buffer – this is not wholly unreasonable and should be agreeable to the West. At worst, he seeks to expand the boundaries to those of the old Soviet empire to shift the balance of power and reduce the length of the critical Western borders he must defend to around 9 strategic “gaps”.

    Then there are those “provocations” – let’s be real guys, everything is a provocation to Putin. He actually demanded that NATO allied members not be permitted to stage equipment, house troops, conduct exercises in any member country in proximity to Russia. In effect, he wanted NATO to agree not to defend its own members. Clearly an outrageous demand that would and could never be met. He has threatened nuclear annihilation repeatedly. He funded insurgences against American forces in the Middle East and killed our personnel. His predecessors did similar things in SE Asia, Latin America, etc. He’s no angel.

    Let’s also not forget, that Russia signed a TREATY with NATO following the collapse of the Soviet Union. In that treaty (that Russia signed), they agreed NOT to pursue territorial claims in Ukraine, or to invade it, nor to interfere in its internal policies. In exchange they got their nukes back, and agreed to recognize Ukraine as a sovereign independent nation.

    Putin has repeatedly violated this treaty – from the annexation of Crimea, to the Donbas “breakaway” republics, to the installation of his own puppet regimes from time-to-time. Isn’t that a wee bit provocative? I mean if provocations as interpreted by leaders are a justified basis for war, then Putin is more guilty than the Western powers, who did NOT fulfill their obligations under that same treaty to defend Ukraine in the event of Russian aggression.

    There are serious, non-talking head non-government stooge types who believe Putin is not done. Several point to concerns with a follow-on invasion of Moldova. Putin has another “breakaway” republic he created out of thin air called Transnistria, which is a thin region along the eastern border of Moldova on the western border of Ukraine. Transnistria is full of Russian military assets. The thought is they will eventually link-up with Russian forces moving through Odessa, and then continue West into Moldova proper, and then Romania.

    There are similar concerns about the Suwa?ki Gap which separates Belarus from Kaliningrad – another one of those adorable little Russian enclaves chocked full of military forces. Capturing the gap cuts off the Balkans from Poland isolating them from the rest of NATO.

    There are some things we know the Russians are doing, like using artillery to pound civilian targets and going all scorched earth. This isn’t something new or propagandistic. If you followed what the Russians did in Syria, it is totally consistent with their playbook.

    So there is some serious sh*t going on here. All I’m saying is we all need to be careful not to accept the false binary choices being presented to us. The reality is not binary; the implications are not binary; the truth is not binary.

  8. FOX News – Former NATO commander Lt. Gen Ben Hodges (Ret.) says world must focus on ‘grinding Russia’s army into dust.’

    • Alexander Maistrovoy:

      “It is difficult to imagine a greater stupidity than to strengthen the Chinese totalitarian empire with your own hands.

      “… In ancient times, the Russians used a very curious way of “punishing” a bear in which, they believed, an evil spirit had entered. It was impossible just to kill it because an evil spirit would break free. Therefore, they dug in a bucket of water mixed with vodka into the ground near a loud mooing cow used as a lure.

      “Having eaten the meat, thirsty bear drank alcohol and fell asleep soundly, after which a belt with bells was put on it. The awakened bear could not get rid of the ringing collar, which drove it crazy and after 5-6 days, completely exhausted, died.

      “This trick usually worked, but sometimes a maddened bear burst into the village and tore everything that came its way. When dying, it took to the grave both its killers and their loved ones…”

  9. the conservative tree house – Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Has Found Another Vast Russian Conspiracy to Investigate

    It is pathetic and laughable, and it would be more pathetic and laughable if the ancillary issues represented by the idiocy were not so serious.

    Former FBI lead Counterintelligence Agent Peter Strzok, the person who investigated the vast Trump-Russia conspiracy theory for two years and spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds in the process, has found another Russian conspiracy theory to promote.

    Stand back and look at this from an intellectual and reasonable standard for a moment and just accept the insanity of it all. Peter Strzok is claiming that Fox News Host Tucker Carlson and former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, are actual Russian operatives working for the Kremlin.

    twitter @petestrzok

    When the Kremlin allegedly seeks out Carlson for propaganda, it’s important to ask why.

    He provides a western voice legitimizing Putin’s barbaric efforts in Ukraine–including the killing of women and children–to a Russian audience.

    Thanks @NicolleDWallace for the discussion.

    + video


    Mr. Strzok has appeared on MSNBC and various other platforms to make his claim that Carlson and Gabbard are actually controlled operatives of the Russian government. Ordinarily this would be silly, and we would laugh at him for these ridiculous political games. But there’s something else…

    What does this outlook of Strzok tell us about the current state of competency within the FBI. This is the same guy who accused CIA asset Carter Page of being an agent of a foreign power in a fraudulent FISA application, that eventually was granted by the court to permit Title-1 surveillance on Mr. Page by Agent Strzok and his colleagues.

    This is the type of person working at the top of the FBI counterintelligence operation? It is pathetic, but unfortunately, not funny.


    MSNBC -Kremlin Memo Names Tucker Carlson As ‘Essential’ To Its Propaganda Strategy

    ( 9 min )

    The Kremlin sees Tucker Carlson’s commentary as “essential” in its Ukraine war messaging strategy according to a 12-page memo leaked from a Russian government agency to the Russian media, as reported in Mother Jones.

    DC bureau chief of Mother Jones David Corn joins Joy Reid on his reporting on this story.

    MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance also joins The ReidOut to discuss.

  10. MSNBC – Brennan On Russia Annexation Of Crimea: ‘Should’ve Provided More Lethal Support To Eastern Ukraine

    Former CIA Director John Brennan discusses the ongoing Russian assault on Ukraine

  11. CTV News in Lviv – International fighters joining Ukrainian foreign legion

    CTV National News London Bureau Correspondent Daniele Hamamdjian spoke to Damien Magrou, spokesperson for the International Legion of Territorial Defence of Ukraine, about the unit’s goals.

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