Wall-Street quality research: Vaxx deaths and injuries will get serious soon

Its not even noon yet and I have had a number of depressing conversations with medical professionals and other people involved with the research of Vaxx consequences.

I heard of a little girl, 7 years old, who died shortly after getting one of the shots, sort of required in US schools. I say sort of because although the schools stopped short of mandates per se, they did get groups of nurses into the schools to inject children after a consent form was signed by parents.

The autopsy read: “Covid complications.”

The one thing vaxx death reports all have in common, is the Auschwitz level standard of cynicism. Like the gate to the slave labour/death camp said: “Work shall make you free”. Presumably meaning you will be free from slave labour work when we, or it kills you.

“Covid complications” in this case likely means, they gave her a shot they said would prevent covid and it killed her.

There is a lot more to report on today. But don’t let the Kabuki war distract you too too much. The Vaxx damage and Covid policy damage should still be front and centre.

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    • That is consistent with what every other medical professional I know has told me either personally, or via video.

      There is an official narrative. And it will be obeyed. And the cost of not doing so is high.

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