A segment of Russian propaganda about the war against civilians in the Donbas region

This video, is an excerpt of a Russian propaganda video, explaining the motivations for the Russian incursion into Ukraine. While the video is clearly propaganda, that does not make it necessarily untrue, or any less true than anything you see on CNN most certainly. The fact that it is propaganda speaks more to its intention than its truthfulness.

In this case, this was an excerpt from a longer piece linked here, which used as a narrator, a child prodigy musician who is well known in Russia. We did not translate that part, but it can be watched at the link above.

One of our translators, who went over the whole clip, decided to do the part which is of interviews of people who live in the Donbas, or mostly Russian areas of Ukraine, that appear to have been under attack by the Ukraine military since at least 2016. This in no small part, appears to be one of the casus belli (Justification for war) for Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

We felt the public have a right to see this, especially in as much as NATO appears to be posturing to drag Western nations into this conflict.

This video was used as part of a larger RAIR article on a Russian interview with the former PM of Ukraine, who takes a profoundly pro-Russian position on the conflict.

UPDATE: Document on “the Whole Truth about Ukraine’s Crimes in the Donbas”

(Above a PDF download. Don’t know much about it, but if you are researching this conflict, it seems like an important document for understanding it)


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