Looking at the Corona patented virus/vaxx/spike protein and some of its most dangerous aspects

Just got off of a call with a doctor friend of ours.

He is feverishly trying to work out how to treat people who have had the injections using things that mitigate the damage or chelate the components. He recommends seeing this video in its entirety to understand both the artificial nature of this virus, but also the stunningly dangerous nature of the man made components within it.

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  1. here are the 2 articles about substances which help against side effects of Vaxx.
    the 2nd article replaces the need for Ubiquinon (Q10) with more expensiveOzone Therapy but has good info about mitochondria.
    By the way, we should be aware of the importance of daily zinc (30 mg) together with a pill of QUERCETIN, which, like Ivermectine and Hydrochloroquine, allows the Zinc ions to penetrate the cell walls and impede further viral replication there.
    What few people know is that its more the Zinc than the Ionophores (i.e. Iveermectine and Hydroxychloroquine and Quercetine) which is doing the job of slowing down infection. The other 3 only open the path for the Zinc++-ions and function as antiinflammatory agents.
    This is one of the 2 reasons why infectionrates and deathrates are directly proportional to the age of patients (because with increasing age our bodies store less and less Zinc. The 2nd reason being that older people get less sun , ergo less Vit. D3.
    With Zinc, Ivermectin, Vit. D,C, and B some 95 % of old folks would have Tao.
    Most important = Vit. D3, B-vitamins , especially B12 in the variety called “Methylcobalamine”, because the other one is synthetic and contains small amounts of cyanide. Its called “Cyanocobalamine and is the more available one.

    • And there you have it: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” Lord Acton. Fact is, we’ve been sleeping at the switch while the bad guys make off with trillions. (See the work of Catherine Austin Fitts.)

      The institutions have become conduits for fleecing the American public. They do not merit our trust.

      It’s a rare person who has both the desire and the moral integrity to withstand the allurements of power and money.

      The Bald Eagle with its keen eye and hunting skill is a good model for us to keep in mind. Be brave and clear-eyed, else we too will be sucked under.

  2. I signed up for your mailing list and wondered why you never sent me anything. I went into my deleted folder, and found all your emails there. They went straight to deleted on Hotmail. Obviously they are censoring. I could not redirect them to the inbox. I had to create a folder for you and send them there. You are not the only one to whom they did that. A number of other controversial sources were there, some of which I had been subscribed for years. Some regarding traditional Catholicism, possibly because they had the name tradition in them. I am switching emails for all my real news. Censorship is ramping up. Thought you ought to know.

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