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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. The perfect Jewish Rabbi, (femaled before all), discusses her book “With and Without Jesus.”

    @54.04 minutes she states Jesus’s message is: “repent and Believe”

    Once you assert Jesus’s message is about Faith, (because you cannot see the masculine) then all the priests can relax because they preach the same thing: hope for a blessing to avoid a cursing.

    Inter-Faith dialogue reinforces this. Faith defines who you are. A protected Identity. Unbelievers commit Hate Crimes, if they ever offend these smollets of superiority over inferior mankind. One law for them and one law for you.

    Whereas John The Baptist’s message was ‘repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.’
    To face the truth of your fears and set yourself free. As you forgive, god forgives you and will make a home in you. So near, and yet so far for so many.

    And his disciples continued it.

    Teachers, Communists and Homosexuals empower each other with ‘Hope Not Hate’.
    Creating Stonewalls – to assault and defend – to abuse children within.

    “Repent and Believe!” Are all roads to Submission. (Femaled before all, to call this Faith when it is Pride. Their miserable superiority over innocence).

    • @47.10 minutes

      ‘…don’t screw around (inappropriately in situations that would be abusive).. ‘

      Momma looking out for the Gays.

      An intellectually filtered conscience munching on dead things: oh you do that, we do that.

      Nothing pre-thought. Nothing fundamental in the child’s conscience. Just superficial and thinking that if you translate from the Hebrew you then understand.

        • Hi Yucki, to repent of pride. To stop playing G-d or blaming G-d. This is the start of all journeys to face an emotionally traumatic memory that feels as real as if it happened today. Phantom Limb Syndrome.
          For example, say a Bible-taught Lev Tahor Rabbi, sexually abused a child. G_d, Rabbi, Man, Woman and Child in the order of Authority. Blaming the kid for Blasphemy if they ever protest.

          Damaged adults.

          The ministry of John the Baptist appears to be that of healing such victims locked into their emotional pain. There was no new religion. Not even for his disciple Jesus, who said he came only to fulfil the Law. No conversion of Belief.

          Now, with a phantom limb syndrome there may be just the requirement to hold up a mirror – to bring back the image of the opposite limb. And the subconscious, experiencing this current calm reality, lets go.

          Therefore, an “I forgive you,” can have such a profound effect when a father-figure (in the place of their abusive father) does not hurt them. The ‘aha’ of “that’s what a normal family is’. Disengaging from the past and into the present.

          But if there is pride, fight-flight-freeze-faint has been side-tracked. They became a new person, who rejected the child inside themselves. They can no longer listen to their inner voice. Stress, lines their faces; escapism in pleasures, and they gradually become ill.

          A sober man on a diet of honey-cakes came out of the wilderness to proclaim a message of help.

          Repent, stop pretending, meditate on the present, and patiently stripping down the distractions of a busy life, bring the pain back into view. Forgive, apologize for resentment, and it vanishes.

          This – in my view – was all it was. St Paul could not do this and explains his Faithing-Centers never work. They pray a miracle.

          Does repentance have meaning, now? This Gospel of St John?

    • “In 1978 Martin Gross, author of “The Psychological Society” informed his readers that:

      “Our schools are taking on the aura of a psychiatric clinic, without taxpayer consent….The school child is immersed in a psychological environment in which he is cajoled, invited, seduced, even bludgeoned into seeking counseling….Almost all the (school psychology) personnel are actually laymen. The entire practice of school psychology may be seen as an intrusion of bureaucracy into the family structure….By labeling it as ‘counseling’ instead of ‘psychotherapy,’ they may have invented a semantic subterfuge to circumvent the law….There is no real evidence that the anxieties, neuroses, or eventual psychosis rate of children is in any way reduced by school intervention. There is the equal possibility that the effort is actually a NEUROTIC STIMULUS. With our taxes, we are helping poorly trained specialists to tamper with the psyches of an already over psychologized generation.” (ibid, Cuddy)”

      A child believing in Products that became substitutes for affection. Little mermaids. And the good fairy will come. Children internalize blame and hate themselves. Any validation of their external religion, culture or identity becomes their activism. “Repent and Believe!” “Hope Not Hate!” “Genetic Definition!”

      A child not amused by the fun of childhood.

      ‘Repent and Believe.’

        • So, how does ‘repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near’ help a person living under Lev Tahor?

          Their Pure Heart
          Their pure racial characteristics
          Their pure gender
          Their pure family ties
          Their pure culture
          Their pure authority of the rabbis
          Their pure Law
          Their pure God watching over them
          Their Pure Religion

          What on Earth could possibly go wrong?


          Children, such a blank canvasses to work on. Such “why”s silenced with “that is how God commands it!”

          Their God – is not g_d. Because their God goes through elders and scribes.

          And such needs of the children to let go of the yokes that ensnare them.

          Repent. Such a hard thing to do, is to unclasp pride in justification. That someone who is inferior to you, is just like you.

          Easier for a rope to go through an eye of a needle than a rich man enter the kingdom of heaven.

          Jehovah’s witnesses.

          • That sounds like alt-right garbage. Pharisaical caricatures and cliches. Even the keyword usage “goy”. Terms and symbols leave streaks like feces on comments sections.

            Cults like one described above choose lingo for its appeal to their targets. Pervert language, weaponize it.

            It’s so disgusting, I can’t get near it. Parsing the hisses of a snake – that I leave to professionals. Shrinks AND cops.

            Predators are definitely a problem in Israel. Random tourists who land in Israel and suddenly believe they’re Jesus. Kooky eastern cults, perverts aplenty.

            There are also well-organized and funded evangelical missionaries with a hidden agenda. Mostly from America, they study Hebrew, Jewish practices, and tactics for their mission.

            Then they set out to seduce very young kids and troubled young adults into accepting Jesus as their “Savior”. They pick the vulnerable, those who’ve been traumatized by terrorist attacks, sudden loss. The harsh background of life there takes a toll on emotionally fragile children.

            It’s a problem.
            They seem like the majority of warm and loving Christian Zionists, “cousins” welcome and very much appreciated. But this is a subgroup bent on saving Jewish souls from damnation and hastening the return of the Messiah.

            Their training videos occasionally surface, and they give themselves away. Their contempt and loathing for us is shocking. Not all that different from Mahdi-seekers.

      • Barbi in the home.

        Every child walks in the shoes of the Authority.

        How else could their be religions, and this is but another one of many more to come? First wave, second wave, third wave and so on.

        Fatherlessness, the abdication of fathers, increases

    • Perfect example of what this global clown says to get elected and then “Do as I say, not as I do” mantra creeps in more and more. O’Toole is doing the same thing now, he just needs a few drama classes in order to go head to head with the other global clowns.

      There is a word in Ojibway, I can’t remember how to spell it, it means they all talked and talked.

      Take a look at what is happening in Ottawa, the people have finally found out “Actions speak louder than words”

      As for Justine and his minority, minority, minority government useful idiots calling Canadians who have not been vaccinated disgraceful names, I am not a plague rat, nor am I a guinea pig.


  2. Man arrested for throwing hot oil on employees of Limburg asylum center
    The police arrested a man at the asylum center in Sweikhuizen, Limburg, on Thursday evening for throwing hot oil over two center employees. Both employees sustained severe injuries. The suspect is a resident of the center, the police said.
    Paramedics took the employees to the hospital for treatment. A trauma helicopter was also deployed to the scene.
    The police are investigating what happened. “Due to the privacy of all involved, their ages are not disclosed,” the police said.
    The asylum center in Sweikhuizen is located in a former monastery in the woods near Geleen, NOS reports. It has room for 242 asylum seekers.

  3. Dutch embassy in Kenya issues warning about Nairobi terrorist attack possibilities
    The Dutch embassy in Kenya warned compatriots about a possible attack in the capital of Nairobi. The embassy received information from the French government and considers it “credible,” ambassador Maarten Brouwer wrote in a letter published on the embassy’s Facebook page.
    According to Bouwer, it involves an attack “on Western targets and civilians” in the coming days. The ambassador, therefore, calls on Dutch people to be vigilant and “avoid places where many ‘westerners’ normally gather.” On Thursday, the French embassy advised French people in the African country to avoid shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants that foreigners frequent.
    “Obviously, we all hope that this threat will remain unexecuted, but we still want to pass this information on to you so that you can take the necessary precautions,” said the Dutch ambassador in the letter.

  4. Attempted assassin of Rotterdam-based Pakistani activist found guilty
    A former London businessman named Muhammad Gohir Khan was found guilty of conspiracy to murder an activist living in Rotterdam. Khan’s plot to assassinate Rotterdam-based Pakistani dissident Ahmad Waqass Goraya last year, but was thwarted by Dutch authorities.
    Goraya, who came to the Netherlands over a decade ago, has spoken out against corruption in the Pakistani government and has a large social media following. Authorities believe he was targeted due to his political views.
    Khan, 31, was offered around £100,000 (€120,000) to assassinate Goraya, according to the BBC. He was working at a supermarket at the time but had accumulated over £200,000 in debt while running a cargo company. Although Khan insisted he never meant to carry out the killing, his WhatsApp communications with a middle man told a different story.
    The BBC reported Khan and the middle man Muzzamil at one point used fish metaphors to discuss the intended murder, referring to Goraya as a “little fish” and the suggested murder weapon as “little knife/hook/worm with a string.”
    “Officers uncovered more than 2,000 WhatsApp messages between Muhammad Gohir Khan and his co-conspirator where they discussed and agreed to the contract killing of a Rotterdam based Pakistani blogger and activist,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement.
    After traveling to the Netherlands in 2021, Khan staked out a location he believed to be Goraya’s address with a 19-inch knife, but he was unable to locate the activist. He was arrested by British authorities when he returned to London.
    Goraya, who was tortured in Pakistan in 2017 by suspected intelligence service members, believes the same people are behind the assassination attempt in Europe, he told the BBC. Last year, he said the Dutch government should go further than just providing witness protection.
    “The only solution is that the Netherlands stands up and says: Pakistan, we know what you are doing and how dare you take such actions on our soil,” Goraya said.
    Khan will be sentenced on March 11, the Metropolitan Police said.

  5. the telegraph – UK – U-turn on mandatory Covid vaccinations for NHS and social care workers

    Sajid Javid set to scrap requirements after warnings that jabs policy could lead to shortage of 80.000 workers

    Mandatory Covid jabs for NHS and social care workers are set to be scrapped, The Telegraph can reveal, after warnings of crippling staff shortages if the plan went ahead.

    Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, will on Monday meet fellow ministers on the Covid-Operations Cabinet committee to rubber stamp the decision on the about-turn.

    Multiple government sources said ministers are expected to end the requirement because the omicron Covid variant, now dominant in the UK, is milder than previous strains.

    The move comes after warnings that almost 80,000 healthcare workers would be forced out of their jobs because they had declined to take two doses of a Covid vaccine.

    The Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of GPs have all pushed for the requirement to be delayed, with warnings it would have a “catastrophic” impact.

    The jab requirement for NHS workers was meant to come into force in April – making this Thursday, Feb 3, the last day on which staff could get their first jab in order to be fully vaccinated in time.

    The legal requirement for care home staff to be fully vaccinated came into effect in November. An estimated 40,000 people lost their jobs over the policy. Under the new rules, they are expected to be able to return to work in the sector.

    On Sunday night, care home representatives expressed fury at the handling of the issue, saying the flip-flopping had “devastated our workforce and brought providers to their knees”.

    The change of approach reflects Downing Street’s increasing focus on how the UK must “learn to live with Covid” as the surge of omicron cases fades.

    Stripping back restrictions and policy interventions adopted earlier in the pandemic will be welcomed by a group of lockdown-sceptic Tory MPs frustrated by Boris Johnson’s approach.

    Ahead of Monday’s key meeting to sign off the policy change, a senior government source familiar with discussions outlined the argument for ending the requirement.

    “Omicron has changed things. When we first introduced the policy, it was delta that was the dominant variant. That was very high risk in terms of how severe it was,” the source said.

    “For omicron, while it is more transmissible, all the studies have shown it is less severe. That has changed the conversation about whether mandatory jabs are still proportionate.”

    At a recent parliamentary committee appearance, Mr Javid signalled that he was open to a change in approach, saying the mandatory jabs policy was being kept “under review”.

    Changing the law to force scores of workers to get Covid jabs sparked controversy when The Telegraph revealed the plans last March. A legal expert at the time said that the only comparable UK laws dated from the 1800s, when newborns had to be given smallpox jabs.

    Matt Hancock, then the health secretary, had championed the change, and Mr Johnson agreed. But Mr Javid has been more cautious about Covid interventions.

    It is unclear when the policy change, once signed off, will be announced. It is expected to be made public before the Feb 3 cut-off for unvaccinated NHS workers to get jabbed.

    NHS guidance to employers said all front line staff who had not been vaccinated should start being called into formal meetings from Feb 4 and warned that they faced dismissal.

    Last week, the Health Secretary said around 77,000 NHS workers remain unvaccinated against the virus. Ministers are expected to point to the fact that tens of thousands of healthcare workers were vaccinated after the original policy was announced.

    Responding to The Telegraph’s revelation that plans for mandatory vaccines in both the NHS and social care sector will be scrapped, Nadra Ahmed OBE, who chairs the National Care Association, said: “This decision epitomises the lack of foresight by ministers in choosing to drive the implementation of this policy without producing impact assessment prior to taking it to the vote.

    “Every parliamentarian who voted for it in social care needs to take responsibility for the loss of staff our sector have suffered because of an ill-thought out policy. Social care has been used as a pilot which has devastated our workforce and brought providers to their knees.”

    Mike Padgham, the chairman of the Independent Care Group for York and North Yorkshire and the owner of Saint Cecilia’s Care Services, which operates four care businesses, said: “It feels like a bit of a slap in the face.

    “I like to think that all those staff that lost their jobs would get them back again, because we need them. It’s what we argued in the beginning – the vaccine was a good thing, but it shouldn’t be mandatory.

    “Common sense seems to have prevailed now, but there’s been a lot of heartache and sleepless nights for people – unnecessarily – in the midst of a pandemic, when we all said at the beginning that this wasn’t the right approach.

    “This just shows that they don’t understand the difference between the NHS and social care sectors and both need to be strong to support each other. ”

    It is understood that the Government is anticipating backlash from carers who lost their jobs as a result of the policy.

    In October, the courts rejected an initial judicial review application that challenged the Government’s vaccine mandate for workers in CQC-regulated care homes. However, it is now anticipated that if those who want their jobs back struggle to get them back, will seek legal action and a renewed application.

  6. Jordan Peterson gets carried away with his own abstractions. Ideological libertarianism is more precious than real kids taught to feel guilty for the color of their skin.

    Dr Jordan B Peterson @jordanbpeterson

    Also, to Republicans, a thought: Don’t “ban” Critical Race Theory. You can’t (and shouldn’t) ban ideas, particularly if they are impossible to delineate (something deeply true of CRT).
    Christopher F. Rufo Replying @jordanbpeterson

    Do your homework. None of the bills ban “critical race theory” as a discipline; they strengthen civil rights laws to restrict a set of abusive pedagogies common to critical race theory.
    And yes, we should absolutely ban teachers from racial scapegoating in the classroom.
    russian peasant, gulag escape artist

    JBP knows (1) the teacher’s colleges are captured, (2) that CRT is neo-marxian programming masquerading as compassionate science, and (3) the psychological importance of the healthy development and socialization of young children.…

    I’m surprised to see Jordan flippantly opine on such crucial topics seemingly without having any actual knowledge of the situation at hand… it’s not like him but I’ve been noticing him doing it a lot lately.

  7. Italy: Migrants celebrate after vessel with 176 onboard gets permission to dock in Lampedusa

    Migrants could be seen celebrating near Lampedusa on Sunday after their rescue boat received permission to dock following a strong storm.

    A total of 176 migrants were rescued and brought on board the Spanish ship ‘Aita Mari’ after days at sea. Twenty-three of them tested positive for COVID and were isolated after arriving at the Sicilian island.

    According to the Italian government, almost 1,800 migrant arrivals have been recorded since January 24, bringing the total so far this year to about 2,000, including the current boat.

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