A couple of items that give some sense of scale of the crowds at Ottawa Trucker protest today

Rideau Street around 2:30 PM. This is just part of 1 street several blocks from Parliament Hill. Remember, it was around -2F today. Dangerously cold.

This is across the street from Parliament Hill

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  1. Thanks very much for keeping us informed. We are all praying for our brave and wonderful Canadian brothers and sisters.

    Tonight at his rally in Texas, President Trump also expressed his support for the Freedom Convoy.

    I don’t know how you all can bear that cold weather! We were at 8 degrees here in NY and I sure didn’t feel like going out.

    The Canadians are made of stronger stuff. Baby Doc Trudeau must be s******g his pants right about now.

    God bless all of you.

  2. You touch, I think, upon an item that is of particular significance–the temperature and weather. These are crowds of people that not only have made the trek, but they are doing so in a Canadian winter and at a time when the temperatures are frickin’ cold with cold weather warnings on the weather network. This is a time of year when most hole up, and go outside for as little time as possible because it is so frickin’ cold. (Aside, I don’t know how much of an antifa or other “counter-protestor” presence there was/is, but I suspect it is substantially lower due to the cold.)

    And yet, and yet! the number of people coming out in support of this is staggering. Now, imagine two things. 1) How many more people were deterred to come due to the weather. 2) How much larger this would be if the weather was more accommodating. I don’t have anything to back this up save my own gut feeling, but it tells me it would be at least as comparable to the crowds that go there for Canada Day.

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