Soviet Canada: Dr. Sam Dubé interviews Drs Nagase, and Dr. Mel Bruchet

This is a just-released interview with both Dr. Mel Bruchet, who was taken by eight RCMP officers from his home and taken to a mental hospital where he was forced to stay, medicated, and had his phone taken from him.

This is an important document on the Soviet tactics used by the government of Canada against anyone who places actual medicine and facts in the way of injecting everyone with an experimental mRNA gene therapy, including pregnant women, who were never part of any cohort in testing.

Please get a coffee or whatever calms you down and watch this video. Here is a link to our interview with Dr. Sam Dubé last week who alerted us to much of this.

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  1. Eight side-armed federales with immediate access to 8 x AR-15’s..with 20 round magazines…. to pick up a doctor at his home? No wonder the police want private citizens’ rifle magazine restrictions to five rounds max……..It’s simple arithmetic……

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