Canadian health minister with no background in medicine, threatens Canadians with forced experimental mRNA injections

For the second time, Marxist PM, Justin Trudeau has appointed a minister of health who has no background in science or medicine, but instead is an economist, and graduate of a UK communist university. The previous health minister was a graphic designer.

The current Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, who holds two post graduate degrees in economics from the Fabian Society’s Menshevik Marxist university, The London School of Economics, which also trained Pierre Trudeau in Marxism and revolutionary practices, “believes mandatory vaccinations will happen in Canada.” And as he is the person who would make such a policy, his believing it means it will happen. Much as Germany, Austria, Australia and other Western nations are making it happen one way or another.

The Criminal Code of Canada defines criminal assault, as in part, the threat to do bodily harm to someone. One has to wonder how the Minister’s musings do not constitute a criminal threat to Canadians.

From the National Post:

OTTAWA – Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said he believes mandatory vaccinations will happen in Canada.

Duclos signalled Friday that provincial governments should be discussing mandatory vaccinations, saying it is a conversation that has to happen as unvaccinated patients continue to put strain on hospitals.

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5 Replies to “Canadian health minister with no background in medicine, threatens Canadians with forced experimental mRNA injections”

  1. Methinks that a loaded syringe containing unknown product aimed at any unwilling
    victim would be a form of deadly assault and should be responded to accordingly…..
    Self defense is still a God given right!

  2. This is all to the plan leaked last year, viz: totalitarian coronazism by Q4/21-Q1/22
    It’s all going great!
    And, now for something completely different…
    Biden regime and NATO empty husk reject Russian demands.
    NATO hereditary eurocrat Stutterburg warns ‘Crisis (war) likely’.
    US-NATO sending more Stinger MANPADS and Javelin’s to Ukraine.
    Now then…NATO has nothing. The US is the combat power in NATO.
    Euro-NATO has sent nearly all it’s heavy Armour, SPG’s and MARS’ to Turkey, and re-equipped at minimum levels with lightly armored trucks to play in the mid-east forever war. Stocks of ammunition have been drawn down by the same, while other strategic stockpiles, spares and POL reserves have been sold off for a fast buck in the name of economy. The US…One word: CoJCS methorcufkgin commie traitor scum Miley.
    Unit level senior NCO’s, Jr. officers and senior officers have been viciously purged from the US military on race/political lines since Obama. Nearly 1/3 of combat-coded pilots have resigned/purged over vax mandates. Stocks of crucial ordnance for US and NATO are not adequate for real war, or are out of production entirely.
    Leadership sucks. Tranny four-ringers, diversity roasties and combating whiteness.
    RuF has activated eastern military districts, lots of Force on trains going west to the tune of another 100K troops and associated equipment. This week, second echelon stuff was seen in transit west – engineers, bridging, CBRN units and road-bound tankers/bulk cargo semi-trucks to be used moving stores and fuel from the rail-heads to the forward refuel/rearm sites. The next six weeks should be interesting.
    The war measures act would sure speed things up for tyranny, wunnit?
    We now return you to your totalitarian coup, already in progress…

  3. How long ago was it 2 weeks to flatten the curve?

    YOU MUST GET VACCINATED TOMSEE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN and a hell of a lot of naive Grandmas complied.

    People in their 60s need to get vaccinated
    People in their 50s need to get vaccinated
    People in their 30s need to get vaccinated
    People in their 20s need to get vaccinated
    IF you want to see your Grandma, you must get vaccinated
    Children 12 to 17 must get vaccinated
    Children 5 to 11 must get vaccinated
    Pregnant women should get vaccinated even though VARES numbers of miscarriages and still born numbers are skyrocketing

    The Provincial and Federal Health Ministers are either pure evil or morons to keep pushing this total bullshit.

    VARES # from the CDC show 1 million, seventeen thousand and one vaccine adverse reactions.

    How stupid do the politicians think people are and just how stupid are people for allowing this bloody, mass destruction to continue?

    I stopped sleeping with my teddy bear many moons ago, don’t you think it is time you too grew up and cared about someone else besides your insecure little self.

    Justine is a drama queen, a globalist freak and a liar, stop helping him carry out this genocide.
    In the spring babies need to be vaccinated

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