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4 Replies to “CTV does worst pro-vaxx propaganda of the whole revolution so far”

  1. Brilliant analogy actually..Sheople sheep Sheep sheople..Being led (shall I say needled?) to the slaughter..Not to mention myocarditis,blood clots, strokes etcetera etcetera..Historically could be educational as to what went wrong. The only thing missing is a grandstand of gov’t officials,doctors, Fauxchee and huge video screens all emanating “Get it! Get it! Or else!
    All the Best in this year and beyond Vlad..Thank you forever..

  2. CTV-CNN all the same idiot based news. Alternative is now the real news. Brighteon-Rumble-Bitchute-Banned.video and all the rest. CTV could have easily used real commie Canadians as they are the most submissive of all sheep. The only saving grace are people like myself-The Pureblood Wolves. Thanks for posting. Hope people will boycott the company that put the video out.

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