It’s official now. No having fun in communist Canada: Links 2, January 6, 2021

A few videos on some students who had a party on a flight to a Mexican vacation.

Trudeau gives a nice paternal spanking to Sunwing and the college students who enjoyed themselves.

(Notice there is nothing of science of medicine in his admonition. Its all about how those who submitted to irrational regs must hate those who do not. Like former president Obama, it seems Trudeau has the time to micromanage tiny things like a party on an aircraft, but not the total collapse of the economy and all our basic rights. Interesting right?)



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9 Replies to “It’s official now. No having fun in communist Canada: Links 2, January 6, 2021”

    • Remember Justine, just a short time ago you met with the other “elites” and sat around close to each other, drinking, no masks and then went outside with your masks on to show the “little people” how to act.

      You are truly an insufferable, little prig, living on your allowance and not capable of running any type of business – let alone the Government of Canada. Just another clown.

  1. Canadian debt is ONLY 9 trillion.

    Terrible bitter, cold night, I cannot help but wonder between Feminists Trudeau and Feckless Ford how many more families will be out on the street soon because of dumb and dumber, and their assault on the Canadian public.

    Never thought I would see the day clowns would rule.

  2. I was reading it was a PRIVATE flight, meaning they chartered the aircraft. The pilot allowed alcohol to be served at will. I saw nothing wrong because they’re among themselves and the trip was planned for them alone.

    When I read the Twitter comments on French media, I was floored by the level of tremendous hate directed at these young adults. Everywhere I read French social media, all I’m seeing is hate and ugliness of soul toward anyone or any group that doesn’t support the high majority opinion.

    • Yep. That is why Stephen calls this a Maoist mass line narrative attack. because this is how he got the Cultural Revolution going.

      • I was living among the Québécois during a cultural revolution in the 1970s where René Lévesque’s separatist party was elected. The Québécois’ attitude was definitely not what it is today.

        That said, I’m seeing a burgeoining trend for apartment rentals. No QR code (vaxx pass), bye bye renting an apartment.

  3. Consumer Protection Office is now saying he acted as a travel agent because he organized the entire trip, hotel, meals/bar, one-day excursion to Tulum, on his own. Thus, he’s liable for a $15,000 fine. There were 180 people on board the chartered jet, all knew what to expect aka fun times.

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