Jordan Peterson asks for civil disobedience in Quebec, but they appear to be well ahead of him: Links 1, January 2, 2022

1. Bolt comes from above and explodes in flames in Antwerp Belgium

2. Jordan Peterson calls for civil disobedience in face of Quebec’s curfew

Dr. Jordan Peterson is calling for Montrealers to resist curfew restrictions that are once again being implemented in Quebec, as cases of the mild Omicron variant continue to skyrocket in the province.

“The cure is far worse than the disease,” wrote Peterson in a Twitter thread posted on Friday, the day that the province is set to impose the measure on its highly vaccinated populace. “Unbelievable. Time for civil disobedience.”

3. 16 Years Old, Pfizer, Myocarditis, Sudden Death, Grieving Father

Thank you Ernesto Ramirez for sharing your painful story to help prevent others from making the same fatal mistake.

Recently we reviewed the recent VAERS data of death and carnage from the criminal and forced injections; and we looked at the medical details of 12 of the many children killed with them.

The emotional suffering of the children’s families is something we can imagine, but not truly know or share.

Ernesto Ramirez lost his beloved 16 year old son. Ernesto Junior was a healthy boy; but he collapsed and died days after Pfizer’s poison was injected into him. Junior’s autopsy was predictable: his heart was destroyed. Cells throughout his young body, were genetically modified by the injection. They produced and filled his blood stream with poisonous spike proteins. These spike proteins targeted the abundant ACE2 receptors within his young heart, and destroyed it.  

There are no safe or effective vaccines for covid-19. Even if there were though, children would have no need for them.

Drs Jessica Rose and Peter McCullough are highly qualified researchers who reported a 19 fold  increase in myocarditis (inflamed hearts) in 12-15 yr olds following the covid injections. This research has been oppressed by the covid agenda criminals but here it is direct to you.

4. Montreal, capitol of the Dystopia of Quebec

5. Alex Berenson busts the multiple lies and layers of lies about Omicron and South Africa in order to hawk the vaxx. Its actual science. but well presented.

[… all the evidence…]

Yep, they lied again. And got caught again. They always get caught, which is nice, but it would be even nicer if they didn’t lie.

The truth is turning out to be so simple even the public health experts and the media can’t hide it:

Omicron is less dangerous if you’ve been infected before, and less dangerous if you haven’t. It’s less dangerous if you’re fat, and less dangerous if you’re thin. It’s less dangerous if you’re old, less dangerous if you’re middle-aged, and less dangerous (as in probably so not-dangerous its dangers can’t even be measured) if you’re young.

It’s a cold. The only risk it represents is that our massive testing infrastructure is now disrupting society. If we made everyone with a cold test and quarantine during the winter, we’d have lots of unnecessary economic, educational, and medical pain too.

The solution isn’t to pretend it’s dangerous. The solution is to stop testing for a cold.

Thank you M., Sassy, Maplewood, PC., X., Johnny U., Xanthippa, ET., EB. and many more who are keeping their brains warmed up and busy and questioning their senses with the finest of Greek instruments.


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  1. OMICRON: I might have it, not sure.

    Last Thursday, I developed a runny nose, water that pours out of it. It started slowly, accelerated for three days, but now it’s a case of a stuffy nose.

    I also had a sore throat for three days but nothing incapacitating. Now, the overall sleepy feeling with a light fever still lingers.

    It could be a bad cold or Omicron.

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