The double-fake Trudeau video, Germany cuts out Nuremberg and more: Links 1, December 21, 2021

1. Alex Berenson puts out the obvious question about legacy ‘vaccines’ in a wonderfully simple way. Why, if the original mooclonal antibodies are now useless and retired, are they still forcing the legacy vaxx on everyone?

We call them vaccines. But it is clear after a year of use that the mRNA shots do not produce a robust long-term B- or T-cell immune response.

What they do is drive up antibodies to the spike protein (to unnaturally high levels, levels that all by themselves may cause problems, but put that aside). And those antibodies are extremely narrowly focused, not just on the spike protein but on a particular part of it.

In other words, they basically turn your body into a factory for generating monoclonal antibodies for the original wild-type virus.

But THOSE ANTIBODIES DON’T WORK ANYMORE AGAINST OMICRON. Its shape is too different. They can’t attach properly. Which is why the Lilly and Regeneron antibodies are being phased out.

2. Video: German Health Minister Calls For Immediate Forced Vaccination Of Entire Population

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has called for making COVID vaccination mandatory immediately for the entire German population.

As reported by Der Spiegel, “Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) fears that the number of infections will rise sharply due to the new Omicron virus variant. “I assume a massive fifth wave,” said Lauterbach when visiting a vaccination center in Hanover.

Lauterbach further declared “We have to assume that the wave of omicrons that we are facing, which in my opinion we cannot prevent, will be a massive challenge for our hospitals, for our intensive care units, but also for society as a whole.”

The health minister further claimed that Omicron cannot be “got under control” with a double vaccination alone.

3. Protestors right in front of the home of democracy-traitor, Doug Ford

4. 75% of all new Ontario “cases” are vaccinated, but zero deaths. Yet the measures keep getting harsher.

5. While Trudeau makes phoney noises about Democracy…

Something has been bugging me for a day or two now. A deceptively edited video of Trudeau has been circulating where he appears to be talking about attacking people’s personal rights and freedoms. but in actuality, a few words were cut off from the start where he talked about what was wrong with the ‘not-withstanding’ clause of the Canadian constitution. In the deceptively edited video, it appeared to be his personal fantasy of removing personal rights. But the speech he gave seemed tailor made to be abused. And I couldn’t figure out why till just now.

I have seen this before as well. A leftist politician gives a scripted speech which gets deceptively edited to look like he is saying the opposite, then MSM comes out and attacks his enemies for being dishonest and the truth is the opposite, and that the target was really pulling for our rights and the little guy in general. But really, the truth is what it appeared to be in the deceptively edited video. Obama pulled this stunt if I remember correctly. So have a few leftist leaders. Its so consistently done though, that now we can see the pattern.

Here is the deceptively edited version:

Here is the real version as reported by enemy propaganda site, The Globe & Mail. Its the same, except it starts with Trudeau Jr. explaining that both he, and Trudeau Sr. don’t like the “not withstanding” clause as it lets government override fundamental rights. Of course it was Trudeau Sr. who wrote the constitution, so, you know, he put it there. And Trudeau Jr. has done more, and attempted to do far far more restrictions on the most basic rights than any leader in Canadian history. From the recent C-6 making it a crime to try and talk a child out of sterilizing and mutilating drugs and surgery in the name of trans rights, to the attempt at C-10 and C-36 last term which made all kinds of non leftist speech and thoughts criminal. (This site has given a lot of time to those bills and details can be found on Vlad) and of course, M-103 which gives Muslims essentially a blasphemy law, but which never passed the commons, but did get millions and millions of funding to Muslim Brotherhood front groups like NCCM, formerly CAIR Canada. Trudeau is every bit the enemy of individualism and real human rights as the deceptively edited video makes it look like he is. So oddly, the lie is more true than the truth. Which brings us back to the Goebbels quote. As nearly everything does these days.

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4 Replies to “The double-fake Trudeau video, Germany cuts out Nuremberg and more: Links 1, December 21, 2021”

  1. 2)
    I noticed that black leather Coats are in vogue again by the Corona Gestapo.
    I guess when one turns back the time, they also must turn to the appropriate Dress-code.
    I wonder if they will use the Death-heads Insignia again too?
    We’ll see…..

  2. Something very strange happened before yesterday. Can someone explain it? This is NOT coincidence.

    As usual every day in the late afternoon for the past 7+ years, I check in to the Weather Channel, a Go*Can link (ht..s://……g*.c*), and never a problem. This time, I clicked on the link, the site opened up, but nothing downloaded. The framework of the website was there but the videos were black and no weather information.

    I tried three times, to no avail. So, I disabled my VPN and tried again and it worked.

    Yesterday morning, I opened my Hotmail box and I have an urgent message that my account is seriously compromised – an unusual login – and I must reset the password. If it was me, I can ignore. But it wasn’t me. So, I followed all the steps but to no avail. My Hotmail account is shut down for 30 days.

    This is the first time this happens to me. In order to access that g*v.can site, I had to disable the VPN. What a mistake!

    I write this because of the Call for Tender for the mobile phones the gov recently published.

    I now subscribed to, and paid, an alternate email website.

    Question: Is the gov from Cda monitoring citizens who log in to their websites?

    • Normal – sites are restricting VPN sites that can transverse their websites. Sites like Amazon Video, ESPN, Peacock, etc. won’t let you on or use their services if you are on a VPN and cannot be tracked. Some sites have switched this functionality off recently like Redbox (which is probably using another method to track the end user).

      Re: f Microsoft. If you somehow connected to a naughty VPN connection, Microsoft will give you the Verify your account. “We detected something unusual about a recent sign-in for the Microsoft account…” I recommend that you just ignore those. They are probably putting some type of tracking cookie on your computer when you verify.

      I just don’t use any site that won’t work on my VPN connection. I would recommend eventually getting away from any Microsoft product if you are serious about security and using operating systems like Linux Mint and their derivatives:

      t. 30+ year IT manager.

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