Vaxx payola, and Pfizer continues its monstrous streak: Links 2 for December 21, 2021

1. New Zealand Doctor comes forward with horrifying truths about the payola behind the clot-shots

“At some point, it dawned on me: this is not so much about health, but more about politics, money, power, and social manipulation.” – Doctor René de Monchy

Veteran New Zealand doctor René de Monchy’s career came to an abrupt halt after refusing to be vaccinated. Wanting to remain “vaccine-free,” the physician of over 48 years was fired, banned from his hospital, and not allowed to say goodbye to his patients.

The general practitioner and psychiatrist is shining a spotlight on the Globalist forces using Covid to help them seize control of New Zealand. The brave doctor questioned why doctors and patients receive monetary “vaccine” incentives. Furthermore, Dr. Monchy believes the actual number of people who have died from the vaccines is not reported, and relatives of those killed from the injection are receiving “hush money.”

Critical From The Begining

From their inception, Dr. Monchy was very critical of the “experimental, never-before-used mRNA vaccines.” The Doctor disagreed with the vaccine’s “lack of a control group and long-term outcomes,” reports the Doctors Collective. Even more so, the Doctor is outraged that the injection is being promoted to children and pregnant women,

2. Austria looking to hire people to hunt down vaxx refusers, fine them, and make sure those fines are paid.

(Open in Chrome and translate)

3. Protesters besiege the Parliament of Romania in Bucharest as it debates legislation to introduce “health passports” at workplaces

(This has the slight whiff of controlled oppo to it though. Seems awfully coordinated for grass roots.)

3. South African Officials Advise End To Contact-Tracing, Quarantining Because Most Don’t Experience Any Symptoms

In news that you will likely not see anywhere today, government advisors in South Africa have suggested stopping tracing and quarantining those who have come into contact with Omicron because it isn’t helping to stop the spread of the variant, which for the most part causes no symptoms in those who contract it.

News 24 reports that the Ministerial Advisory Committee wrote to Health Minister Joe Phaahla “recommending that the quarantining of contacts be stopped as it is no longer viable in the current social and economic climate.”

The report also notes  “the committee said contact tracing was no longer necessary and should also be halted with immediate effect.”

The report notes the memo stated that “With only a small number of contacts identified from a proportionally small Covid-19 cases, quarantining was no longer effective for containing the spread of the disease.”

The memo also noted that “the proportion of people with immunity to Covid-19 had risen substantially… exceeding 60-80%.”

The memo also said that testing is ‘highly skewed’ because the majority of people who are getting Omicron do not even experience any symptoms.

The memo also stated “It stands to reason that if the vast majority of cases are not diagnosed, then the vast majority of case contacts are also not diagnosed. This means that quarantining and contact tracing are of negligible public health benefit in the South African setting.”

The advisors warned of the negative effects of shutting down the country when the variant doesn’t warrant it.

The memo states:

“On an individual level, the consequences of prolonged quarantining include loss of income, loss of employment, and loss of schooling time. We propose that quarantining be discontinued with immediate effect for contacts of cases of Covid-19. This applies equally to vaccinated and non-vaccinated contacts. No testing for Covid-19 is required irrespective of the exposure risk, unless the contact becomes symptomatic. We further propose that contact tracing be stopped.”

The advice echoes that of South African scientists and officials who for days now have been urging that mass panic over Omicron, which originated in the country, is unnecessary and dangerous.


4. Biden is sending 500m free COVID tests to homes – two weeks after Psaki laughed at the idea: President will deploy 1k troops to hospitals, ramp up testing sites but tell vaccinated Americans they DON’T need to cancel Christmas in Omicron game plan

President Joe Biden will mail 500 million rapid COVID tests to homes across America, deploy 1,000 medical personnel to hospitals and set up new federal testing sites as part of the Omicron battle plan he will announce in full on Tuesday afternoon. 

He will also issue a stark warning to the 40 million unvaccinated Americans and assure the rest of the country they won’t have to cancel their Christmas plans, despite a surge in cases across the country.

The administration is not calling for any new lockdowns or travel restrictions and will instead address existing steps like masking indoors, testing, and vaccines. The White House will also set up a website where Americans can order free at-home virus tests just two weeks after Press Secretary Jen Psaki rejected the idea and sarcastically said: ‘Should we just send one [test] to every American?’

Biden will tell the nation ‘we know we have the tools to get through this wave,’ according to a senior administration official who briefed the media on the effort – including the new testing component.

He will speak less than 24 hours after America recorded its first Omicron-related death – a Texas man in his 50s who was unvaccinated and had already been infected before – and with lines building at testing centers across the country.

(Interesting. Canada is doing the same with these faulty tests. I guess the idea is that they drive up the case numbers enough to implement the restrictions they want but maybe after Christmas. The instructions on the Canadian site for these tests is that you can only use them on “asymptomatic people” formerly known as healthy. As these tests have a high false positivity rate, it can only be to drive up ‘case’ numbers.)

5. Paul Weston asks the questions we secretly ask ourselves

6. Pfizer adds microchip to meds as a means of forcing compliance. Yes, the only thing that stops reality from becoming the darkest possible conspiracy theories is your imagination.

Thank you all for your links and stories, and for preserving your sanity in the face of growing divisions and anger and misunderstandings. As much as I dislike the 2 new South Park 1 hour episodes, that part they got right.


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6 Replies to “Vaxx payola, and Pfizer continues its monstrous streak: Links 2 for December 21, 2021”

  1. Re “Veteran New Zealand doctor René de Monchy’s career came to an abrupt halt after refusing to be vaccinated.”

    My all-cap brief summary title of Just The News report linked below:

    (“Ivy League Researcher Hits Brick Wall With Medical Journals on Covid Vaccine Death Study,” By Greg Piper, Just The News, December 20, 2021):

    • In my tiny world, I know two people who had adverse reactions. One almost died and refused to report to his doctor. The other’s doctor knows about it but refuses to report it. And on, we go.

  2. In the Vaxx-era, the world of music has been largely ignored. We’ve seen clips of singers dropping but in this case, he’s good.

    A musician, 41 years old, no history of drugs nor heart problems, suffers a rupture of the aorta on stage and keeps on playing. Later, he went through a 4-valve replacement.

    In order to go on the worldwide tour, he got the jab. Look at 2:55, you can’t miss it. Courtesy of

  3. Maybe you can’t keep a good man down, but you can force him to be cagier than he has ever had to be.

    I’m talking Trump. Were we fooled? Who knows. I do find it astounding, however, that the intuition capital of millions of his supporters was so squandered. In market terms this would mean Mr. Market was wrong in the long term, which does not happen. That he continues to support the globalist coup manifesting in the false science of injection mandates, and that he therefore personifies the very concept of controlled opposition in doing so, stretches my thought bubble a little too far.

    The U.S. coup that was the last election was done to get him out of the way in preparation for the global coup. Trump was not going to play along as the requisite regional manager. This much we know. So did he find Jesus in civilian life, then? Did this thorny, self-made contrarian suddenly become pliable to an enemy narrative because it makes sense? I don’t think so. Light doesn’t bend in space without a monstrous mass hidden nearby.

    Allegiance to big pharma and to the globalist agenda, for all regional managers active, deposed and in-waiting, perhaps comes at the end of a gun barrel. This may apply for their families, too. And why not?

    The instant the notion of the sanctity of human life is scratched from the conscience, is the same moment power can be realized that would otherwise remain unknown. I am sure the Putins, Xi’s, Stalins, Lenins, Husseins of the world unite in this little epiphany.

    My theory is that Trump, Orban, Netanyahou, Harper et al, were shown a glimpse of what is bending the light, and have no choice but to bide their time and bite their tongues, because they know they are useless six feet under.

    Hey, when nothing make sense you gotta have faith in something.

    • Or, he is wrong about some things.

      I have an amazing clip of Trump on 911. He explains to a reporter that there is no way the building could have come down the way it did because of XY&Z. He is a builder, so people would add weight to that opinion.

      From a straight reason and logic POV, I found his explanation interesting because it actually explained to me exactly why things DID happen the way they did.

      That the building had multi-tonne steel window frames putting the load bearing on the outside of the building instead of the inside. So yeah if a loaded aircraft hits it at 500 MPH and these multi tonne steel rectangles start to fall off, then the building loses its structural integrity and pancakes.

      In other words, Trump gets things wrong like every human ever born.

      I can’t figure out why he is so behind the injections. Not even a theory. But I think at this point I would rather see a Ron DeSantis running in 2024 anyway.

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