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9 Replies to “Passionate speech by Israeli protestor against the vaxx mandates and all they imply”

  1. Everything is confusing and scary.
    Yeh, I recognize the name. He’s a leftist enemy who’s taking advantage of this grand opportunity.

    The video of Shin Bet attacking vaxx protesters looks manipulated. There was a water-cannon attack against “right-wing settlers” – teens protesting the series of terrorist attacks over the last couple of weeks. Same day, same time.

    Who knows?
    Lots of stuff to worry about, see Readers’ Links.

    • Coming from a position of near total ignorance, I felt no warmth towards the fellow, although he talked the talk and used the right words. But he is still on YouTube, something I find suspicious these days.

      But what disturbed me right at the outset is that he seemed to feel the need to stress his obviously deep dislike towards Netanyahu as part of his own identity, while Bibi – from where I am sitting – did a lot of good for Israel. On the other hand, if even the Left starts to speak out, perhaps we will yet bury Klaus Schwab and his Davos Extermination Squad.

      Hi yucki, longtime no see. And where is Richard ? A belated happy Hannuka to you.

      • I totally agree re Bibi. He was a respected leader. Corruption, they’re all corrupt to varying degrees. Nothing more or less. If in power too long, the few honest ones tend to become corrupt.

        And yes, where is Richard? He told us a while ago he was shutting down in an ominous tone. I figure he left, hopefully in peace. And let’s honor his time with us. God Bless Richard, wherever he is.

        • I agree with you, Sassy, re power corrupting even some of the good ones to a point. But then I do not want little faultless goodie two-shoes as political leaders, anaemic little angles do not become leaders.

          Richard is such a stabilising presence here, the world feels safe when he is around….I hope he is ok.
          Happy Christmas to you too, Sassy, I like your work !

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