Testimony by One of thousands of the newly awakened

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  1. 30 years ago I had gay friends who were diagnosed with AIDS. My gay friends knew all the problems with the HIV theory of AIDS (it doesn’t stack up), they knew that for 15 years gay men had been given AZT, an anti-cancer drug that killed faster than cancer. My friends tried to get second opinions from private doctors. The private doctors said “if I do anything other than recommend you to follow government guidance I will be struck off as a doctor”. My friends were left with the same therapeutic neglect — they either took the experimental medicine du jour, or they were left to die. One very fit friend took himself off AZT (against all the pressure from “experts”) and returned to health.

    Most straight people didn’t care about the scandal that was “AIDS science”. Now you are going through the same fraud.

    Ever since the West came off the gold standard in money, we’ve witnessed over a century of fraudulent social policy.

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